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  • HD - Head
  • M - Married
  • W - Wife
  • D - Daughter (GD - Granddaughter)
  • S - Son (GS - Grandson)
  • NM - Not married
  • WD - Widower
  • EM - Employee/Servant/Domestic, etc
  • BD - Boarder/Lodger
  • VS - Visitor
1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland.
Some English Coastguard pensioners and their families taken from the 1901 and 1911 census in Ireland.

 Ashton - Busby 
Coleman - Jago
 Jeffers - Pope 
 Prothero - Woodley 





Where Born

1901 Census. Co. Wicklow, Ballinacourty
Coleman, TimothyHD - M46 Chief BoatmanEngland
Coleman, EmmaW - M46 England
1911 Census. Co. Waterford. Clonea
Coleman, Timothy WHD - M56 Pensioner Chief Officer C.GEngland
Coleman, Emma A.W - M56 Married 30 yrs. 1 Child born. 1 aliveEngland
1901 Census. Co. Cork. Upper Cove.
Coles, William AlbertHD - M42 Retired Chief Petty OfficerDevonshire
Coles, ElizabethW - M41 -Devonshire
Coles, KateD- NM20 -Devonshire
Coles, ElizaD- NM14 -Devonshire
Coles, WilliamS12 ScholarDevonshire
Coles, EdithD8 ScholarDevonshire
Coles, IdaD6 ScholarDevonshire
Coles, FrankS4 -Devonshire
1911 Census. Co. Waterford, Dunmore
Collins, JamesHD - M47 C.G. PensionerEngland
Collins, Mary JaneW - M45 Married 26yrs. 5 Children born. 4 aliveEngland
Collins, AdaD16 ScholarCo. Mayo
Collins, VictorS13 -Co. Mayo
1901 Census. Co. Donegal, Portkinnagoe
Dignam, AlexanderHD - M39 Comm. BoatmanAfrica
Dignam, AnnW - M29 -England
Dignam, ClementS9 ScholarEngland
Dignam, TessieD6 ScholarEngland
Dignam, LilyD4 ScholarCo. Louth
1911 Census. Co. Donegal, Buncrana
Dignam, AlexanderHD - M49 Navy PensionerAfrica
Dignam, AnnW - M39 Married 21 yrs. 5 children born, 4 aliveEngland
Dignam, Lilyd14 Co. Louth
William Albert Arscott.BD40 Master MarinerEngland
1911 Census. Co. Dublin, York Road
Dyer, JohnHD - WD56 Retired C.G.England
Dyer, JohnS - NM27 Elec. EngineerCo. Dublin
Dyer, AlbertS - NM22 PlumberCo. Dublin
Dyer, AnnieD - NM20 ScholarCo. Dublin
Dyer, FrancisS18 ChauffeurCo. Dublin
1911 Census, Co. Waterford Ardmore.
Eddy, James P. HD - M59 C.G. PensionerEngland
Eddy, Mary KateW - M37 Married 16yrs. 4 Children born. 3 aliveCo. Waterford
Eddy, PatrickS15 GardenerCo. Waterford
Eddy, JohnS8 ScholarCo. Waterford
Eddy, Mary KateD1 -Co. Waterford
1901 Census. Co. Dublin. Howth
English, Edward A.HD - M55 C.G. PensionerDorsetshire
English, JaneW - M45 -Co. Dublin
English, MargaretD19 ScholarCo. Dublin
English, GertrudeD15 ScholarCo. Dublin
English, MichaelS10 -Dublin
1911 Census. Co. Dublin. Howth
English, EdwardHD - M65 Navy PenEngland
English, JaneW - M55 Married 34yrs. 7 Children born. 2 aliveCo. Dublin
English, MargaretD26 -Co. Dublin
Clarke, WilliamBD18 Railway ClerkCo. Fermanagh
1911 Census. Co. Down, Kilkeel.
Flowers, Robert HenryHD - M63 Pen. Chief Officer C.G.England
Flowers, ElizabethW- M66 Married 35 yrs. 6 Children born. 5 aliveCo. Down
Flowers, ElizabethD - NM33 -Co. Down
Hanna, Mary JaneD - M27 Married 2yrs. 1 Child born. 1 aliveCo. Down
Hanna, MargaretGD1 -Co. Down
 1911 Census. Co. Antrim. Glenarm.
Gendall, IsaacHD - WD73 C.G. Pen.& summons server.England
    Married 47 yrs. 9 Children born, 4 alive 
McBurais, Mary AnnNiece16 Co. Antrim
Mcllwain, BellaD30 Housekeeper. Married 10 yrs. 2 Children born. 2 aliveCo.Antrim
Mcllwain, WilliamGS5 ScholarCo. Antrim
Mcllwain, IsaacGS2 -Co. Antrim
1901 Census. Co. Cork, Castletown
Harrington, JohnHD - WD64 Retd. Chief Officer C.GEngland
Harrington, EleanorD19 HousekeeperEngland
1901 Co. Wicklow, Ballymoney
Jago, WilliamHD - M44 Comm. BoatmanDevon
Jago, Mary JaneW - M46 -North Cornwall
Jago, John Thos.S10 ScholarLancashire
ago, Ethel AnnD7 ScholarLancashire
1911. Census. Co. Wicklow, Wicklow
Jago, WilliamHD - M54 Navy PensionerDevonshire
Jago, MaryW - M56 Cornwall
Jago, JohnS - NM20 House painterLancashire
Jago, EthelD - NM17 -Lancashire
Roe, EllenVS69 Christian WorkerCo. Mayo



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