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#11 | brian gregory on 22/01/2008 09:17:50
joseph rounsfell coastguard

married Ann Jane Gregory daughter of George Gregory keeper of the Baily Lighthouse, Howth , 21st April 1852

genealogy reference by Brian Gregory
#12 | Tony on 02/05/2008 14:48:35
From the rear of an "Ogdens Cigarette Card"


The advantages of specially designed Coastguard Stations soon became apparent, and during the eighteen-thirties many were built in spots round the coast where smuggling was to be expected. Each man had a comfortable cottage for himself and his family, with a rather larger one for the officer, and a watch room. Only in Ireland were they made defensible. Everything had to be as clean as on shipboard, and naval discipline was maintained, with necessary modifications. For instance, a man whose wife quarrelled with her neighbours could be moved to another station at his own expense.
#13 | Michael Hogan on 25/10/2008 22:11:23
Excellent insight into the daily life of Coastguard families. It would be marvellous to read about the daily life around a station, what they did when not pursuing smugglers.
#14 | Kalilileth on 12/08/2009 21:49:37

Saturday March 5th 1853
Page 4 Column 4
Master, R.N. - Alfred Lawrence Halloran, to be in command of the Haven Hole Station, vice Mr. Aldrich, previously removed.
Second Master, R.N. [ Richard Cossentine Pyer, to command the Grays Station, vice Mr. Walker, resigned on account of ill health.

Saturday March 12th 1853
Page 4 Column 4
Master R.N. - Mr. James Thomas Sullivan, to command the Station at Blythe Haven, vice M.K. White, previously removed.

Saturday March 26th 1853
Page 4 Column 4
Lieutenants, R.N. - Daniel Butler Dawes, to command the Bembridge Station, vice George William Tomlin, removed to Marchwood, vice Simpson resigned. Colin William Lindsey, Charles Knighton, John Frederick Guyon and Thomas Sibbald, to be in command of Stations.
Masters, R.N. - William Blackford, to command the St. Catherine's Station, Vice Lieutenant D. Elliot, previously removed. Charles Bawden, to command the Grohlan Haven Station, vice Mr. Walker, previously removed.
Second Masters - Benjamin Woolly, from the Orfordness to The Shoeburyness Station; vice Lieutenant St. Auben, R.N., appointed to Lively Revenue Cruiser.
Chief Officers - Mr. H.K. Drury to command 55 Tower Station, vice Lieutenant Hutton R.N., previously removed: Mr. John Duff Pigon, late Second Lieutenant Royal Marines, to command the Uzon Station, vice Lieutenant Warren, previously removed; Mr. Wentworth Baily, late East India Company's Service, to be in command of a station.
#15 | Kalilileth on 01/01/2017 14:20:31
Having seen links between family members in Coastguard and Revenue/Customs Service, I have transcribed the following entry from the Civil Register of Births. I hope it proves useful to you.

Page 4
Superintendent Registrar's District: Galway
Registrar's District: Galway
Births registered in the district of: Galway
In the Union of: Galway
County of: Galway
No: 371
Date & Place of Birth: 19th June 1868 New Road, Galway
Name (if any): Daniel Stephen
Sex: Male
Name & Surname & Dwelling place of father: William Cormack, New Road, Galway
Name, Surname & Maiden Name of mother: Margaret Cormack formerly Stephens
Rank or Profession of father: Custom House Officer
Signature, Qualification & Residence of Informant: William Cormack, father, New Road, Galway
When Registered: 13th August 1868
Signature of Registrar: Michael Considine, Registrar
#16 | Kalilileth on 01/06/2017 12:52:10
Anyone who is researching the life of Frederick Carey may be interested to know that the National Archives in Dublin have the following item:

Frederick Carey, Inspecting Commander of the Dunkeehan Coast Guard, to Sir James Dombrain, Inspector General of the Coast Guard, reporting that fifteen of the twenty potato pits he had examined were in an advanced state of decay.
01 Feb 1846
Scope and content

Area: County Louth
Records creator

Famine Relief Commission
2 items

It is not available online as yet.
#17 | foxyev on 24/10/2018 15:07:58
John Bellman b.1861 Devon, England was Coastguard in
Bonmahon, Co.Waterford and Youghal, Co.Cork.
John was my great-grandfather and would love to contact any descendants.
Have a lot of information to share with family.
#18 | garry ahern on 27/11/2020 16:40:28
Does anyone know if any Coastguard Station records e.g. Watch-room Logbooks, etc. have survived?

#19 | patriciairvine on 28/02/2021 14:27:38
Trying to find information on William Farley who may have come from England to become a Coastguard in Northern Ireland during the first half of the 20th Cent.
His son William James was married in Belfast 1855 to an Elia Sterritt.
I think that that they had a son William John Farley
He also died young and Eliza then married Robert Skilleni.

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