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William Davie
This rare photograph shows a Chief Boatman in Charge in his full dress uniform, with sword. William Davie, shown in 1863, came from a whole family of coastguards. His brother served in a revenue cruiser based at Whitstable, and was also stationed at Tankerton. 'Captain ' Campbell would have worn a similar uniform.

Date: 09/09/2007
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#1 | davie on 04/10/2007 09:59:40
Nice to see a photograph of my Great Great Geandfather.

William Davie was born in Ilfracombe in 1818 and served
in the coastguard from 1841 to 1878. The two medals he wears in the photography are the French gold medal Ministere De La Marine Et De Colonies and the Royal Humane Society bronze medal.These were awarded for saving the lives of two French seaman and a boy from the schooner L'Aimable Julie off
Portreath St Agnes Cornwall on the 2 Dec 1863.

He died in Ilfracombe in 1897 and is buried in the local

Brian Davie.
#2 | Roland Hughes on 15/10/2007 16:08:01
My family history, mother's side, took me to the Davie family of Ilfracombe. My wife and I went to Ilfracombe museum and found a lot of interesting information on the Davie family. Thanks for sharing this portrait Grin
#3 | thornel on 26/10/2008 01:29:35
Can you tell me how big this photograph is? Or where it was taken? I am trying to find other large photo's like mine (William Roberts - it was painted over and is a little over 10"x12"Wink Thanks! Lara-May
#4 | davie on 27/10/2008 10:30:09
Not sure how large the original photograph was
but William Davie was stationed at Gwithian near
St Ives Cornwall in 1864 when I think the photograph
was taken.

Brian Davie.
His Great Great Grandson
#5 | PThomas80 on 08/06/2013 23:19:58
William Davie was also a forbear of mine through my grandmother Gwendoline Davie. He served at a number of locations including Rye where he was located at various of the Towers at different times. It seems these were Martello Towers, where their families also lived since these were given as the address for the census. Does anyone know anything about these Towers, except that all but one have been demolished.
Where does this photo originate from? It is the only picture I have ever seen of William Davie. Thank you.
Tricia - his great, great,great granddaughter.
#6 | davie on 10/06/2013 13:36:14
The Martello Tower where William Davie lived in Rye was destroyed in the 1890's. I think the photo of William Davie was taken near Gwithian in Cornwall where he was stationed in the 1850's & 1860's.

Brian Davie
#7 | PThomas80 on 28/06/2013 17:20:21
Dear Brian Davie - if he was your great great grandfather we must be related as he was my great great great grandfather. ! How amazing! All the best, Tricia.
#8 | davie on 03/07/2013 16:18:54
Dear Tricia, - We are related. Your grandmother Gwendoline Davie father was William Henry Davie born Barnstaple 1875 -1940. He was the eldest brother of my grandfather Arthur Smyth Davie born Barnstaple 1883- 1960. My father was also called William Henry Davie named after your great grandfather.
#9 | John Considine on 25/02/2020 16:38:07
I have a photo of my great-grandfather Patrick Buckley in an identical uniform and holding an identical sword - I still have the sword.

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