Painting of Coastguard Stations.

On the 20th November 1902, the Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves submitted a report following an inspection of Innisbofin coast guard station stating "the houses require painting otherwise in good repair". Board of Works policy for all buildings under their charge was that they were painted externally every 4 years and internally every 8 years, and they were not willing to make an exception for the coast guard. As the houses were last painted in 1899, they were not due a repaint. The Admiralty asked why was the policy different to stations in Great Britain where they were painted externally every 3 years and internally every 8 years. The board replied that this was too liberal a policy and would greatly add to the annual cost. They also pointed out that there was great advantage in making every second external painting co-incident with an internal one. So cost carried the day, and the painting policy remained in place.

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