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Ann's Page
Welcome to Ann's Page.
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Sweetingham Family History
Welcome to the Sweetingham Family History website.Over the coming months, and probably years, I am going to attempt to chronicle the history of my branch of the Hampshire Sweetinghams, with particular attention to their relationship with the sea. I would naturally welcome any elaboration, addition, or correction to the information presented .
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Irish Shipwrecks
Irish Shipwrecks Database is a searchable database of Shipwrecks of The Irish Coast. The purpose of this site is to provide A resource for researchers and Wreck Divers with information pertaining to the numerous ship wrecks around the coast of Ireland and to increase awareness of this valuable historical and recreational resource.
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A Family History - DOYLE - O'BRIEN
Welcome to this website devoted to our family tree and the sometimes frustrating attempts to extend its branches.
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South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse existed for a mere 20 years. Raised as The South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry in Jan 1902 and disbanded in July 1922 along with five other famous Irish Regiments...
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Irish Genealogy Queries - RIC
Irish Genealogy Queries
Royal Irish Constabulary

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Her Majesty’s Coastguard Skinningrove
Skinningrove Coastguard Team exists to prevent incidents and accidents along Part of the North East coast, and we respond to emergency calls for assistance on the beach, along the cliffs and in the sea.We hope our website gives you an insight into the team and its activities...
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Bob O'Hara - Public Record Searches
Public Record Searches Of military history and genealogy at the National Archives, London
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Specialist Medals
Concentrating primarily on lifesaving medals and related awards, together with selected civil awards, Specialist Medals aims to offer a range of such items for your consideration. Due to the individual nature of such awards, each is here described along with a synopsis of the circumstances leading up to the award and biographical details of recipients where such information is available.
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Joe Cahill Blog
A study of the benefits Information and Communications Technology (ICT) may bring to the lives of Senior Citizens.
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Moylan Family Website
"We are Tom Moylan and Olivia Murray, and our two children Patricia and John. We are both UCD Physics graduates. Tom is from Kinnitty, County Offaly, and currently works for Ericsson. Liv is from Waterford and works at home, which is in Booterstown in Dublin."
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Breeches Buoy Information
"The contents of this website are as accurate as the information I have received either written, verbally or from practical experiences. The utmost care has been taken to verify the information; however some of the information is anecdotal from actual members of original rocket teams."

[N.B. This site may provoke a browser security warning asking you to install ietag.dll, this is because the site was written with Microsoft Word which is not suitable for web pages. The file is harmless and can be accepted.]
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Public Record Searches
Before becoming an independent researcher at the National Archives in Kew, London, Bob O'Hara worked for many years at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Before that he served in the communications branch of the Royal Navy. Currently he leads a small team of researchers with degrees in such subjects as Classics and British Colonial history. The team has membership of the Royal Geographic Society and the Society of Genealogists and has access to various learned bodies and museums in London
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Royal Dublin Fusiliers
The Royal Dublin Fusiliers was an infantry regiment of the British Army. The regiment was created on 1 July 1881 by the amalgamation of the 102nd Regiment of Foot........
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Isle of Wight History
Coastguard History, Genealogy, Station Photo's - Isle of Wight
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