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  • HD - Head
  • M - Married
  • W - Wife
  • D - Daughter (GD - Granddaughter)
  • S - Son (GS - Grandson)
  • NM - Not married
  • WD - Widower
  • EM - Employee/Servant/Domestic, etc
  • BD - Boarder/Lodger
  • VS - Visitor
1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland.
Some English Coastguard pensioners and their families taken from the 1901 and 1911 census in Ireland.

 Ashton - Busby
 Coleman - Jago
 Jeffers - Pope 
Prothero - Woodley





Where Born

1911 Census. Co. Dublin, Howth
Prothero, Thomas

HD - M

62Pen. Chf. Off. R.N. Harbour Master, HowthEngland
Prothero, Louisa

W - M

49 -Co. Down
Prothero, DavidS - NM23 Seaman unemployedCo. Cork
Prothero, HenryS - NM19 Shop Asst. StationeryCo. Cork
Prothero, NicholasS - NM16 ScholarCo. Cork
Prothero, LouisaD - NM14 ScholarCo. Dublin
Prothero, LilianD11 ScholarCo. Dublin
1911 Census. Co. Cork, Courtmacsherry
Reynolds, William C.

HD - M

57 Retired Chief Officer C.G.England
Reynolds, Katie G.

W - M

63 Married 10 yrs. 0.Children bornCo. Cork
1901, Census. Co. Donegal. Buncrana
Robinson, Alfred

HD - M

44 CoastguardEngland
Robinson, Salome

W - M

41 ScholarEngland
Robinson, LucyD15 ScholarCo. Clare
Robinson, FredS10 ScholarEngland
Robinson, OliveD7 ScholarCo. Clare
1911 Census. Co. Donegal. Buncrana
Robinson, AlfredHD - M54 Boatman Navy PensionerEngland
Robinson, Salome AnnW - M49 Married. 24yrs.3 children born.3 aliveEngland
Robinson, FrederickS - NM20 Railway GuardExeter, Devon
Gormnty, KateVS - NM22 BarmaidCavan
1901 Census. Co. Cork. Courtmacsherry
Simpson, HerbertHD - M72 Pen. Station Officer C.G.England
Simpson, Mary JaneW - M62 Married 39yrs. 2 Children born. 2 aliveEngland
Simpson, Ann LouisaD - NM26 -Co. Cork
1911 Census. Co. Mayo, Dooega
Spraggett, IrvinHD - M57 C.G. PensionerEngland
Spraggett, CatherineW - M54 Married 29 yrs. 11 Children born. 7 aliveCo. Mayo
Spraggett, AliceD - NM20 -Co. Mayo
Spraggett, JohnS17 -Co. Mayo
Spraggett, FlorenceD14 -Co. Mayo
1901 Census. Co. Kerry, Fenit
Tansley, ThomasHD - M84  C.G. PensionerEssex
Tansley, JohannaW - M70 -Co. Kerry
Tansley, JosephS - M40 Joiner CarpenterCo. Kerry
Tansley, EllenD in law45 -Co. Kerry
Tansley, FrancesGD3 -Co. Kerry
1901 Census. Co. Cork. Ross
Teed, ThomasHD - M63 C.G. PensionerEngland
Teed, ElizabethW - M58 -Co. Cork
Teed, MabelD - NM18 -Co. Cork
1901 Census. Co. Kerry, Emlagh
Terry, ThomasHD - M70 C.G. PensionerEngland
Terry, AnnW - M76 -England
Terry, Fanny JaneD - NM35 -England
Connell, BridgetEM18 General DomesticCo. Kerry
1901 Census. Co. Donegal. Knockalla
Venus, WilliamHD - M32 BoatmanEngland
Venus, RachelW - M36 -England
Venus, DorothyD5 ScholarCo. Galway
Venus, AlfredS2 -Co. Galway
1911 Census. Co. Dublin, Sutton
Venus, Will. GeorgeHD - M42 Navy PensionerExbury, Hants
Venus, RachelW - M47 Married 17yrs. Born 2. Alive.2Shotley, Suffolk
Venus, Dorothy MayD15 App. DressmakerRenvyle, Co. Galway
Venus, Alfred WilliamS12 Renvyle, Co. Galway
1911 Census. Co. Wexford. Wexford
Widdicombe, WilliamHD - M69 C.G. PensionerEngland
Widdicombe, CatherineW - M60 Married 16 yrs. 0 Children bornCo. Dublin
1901 Census. Co. Donegal. Buncrana
Williams, JohnHD - M43 Comm. BoatmanEngland
Williams, MarthaW - M37 -Co. Donegal
Adams, MaggieVS - NM35 DressmakerCo. Donegal
1901 Census. Co. Kerry, Fenit
Woodley, ThomasHD - M74 Ex Chief Officer C.G.Plymouth
Woodley, AliceW - M51 -Downpatrick
1911 Census. Co. Dublin, Kingstown
Woodley, ThomasHD - M62 Ex Chief Officer C.G.Plymouth
Woodley, JaneW - M57 Married 7yrs. 0 Children bornCo. Dublin
Woodley, ThomasS - NM25 Packet PorterCo. Dublin
Woodley, Emma JaneD - NM22 ScholarCo. Dublin



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