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-> Philip on March 30 2009
Over the last few weeks or so, I've been writing a new program for the site called the "Records Database" which will consist of a database that will contain the records of all the individuals posted on the site in the Navy List's, census returns, etc.

I guesstimate there are over 5000 names on the site at the moment. However, they're all over the place in different sections and pages. What this facility will do is make a super list of all records which can viewed by the visitor alphabetically, by category, by year, etc.

It's in the final stages of testing and tweaking. As soon as it's secure and stable, we'll begin inputting the data, which could take awhile.

There will also be a form for members to submit records of their own, [subject to review].

Update: The records db is now up and running. There may still be some minor "tweaking".
If you have any suitable records to share, please send them in using the Submit Record Link in the Members links in the nav bar.

All suggestions are welcome.
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#1 | crimea1854 on 31/03/2009 22:15:55
Hi Philip

I've been working on a database of those men who saw service in the Crimean War and were awarded (in the main) the Baltic Medal. Currently this equates to some 2000+ men.

I have used Microsoft Access, and while not complete, when it is further advanced I had hoped that it would form a valuable tool for both medal collectors and those researching their family history, available through this site.

If you can let me know the sort of information you would need to include this I'm more than happy to oblige.


#2 | Philip on 01/04/2009 00:16:09
At the moment the input fields are...

Christian name
Date of Seniority

I'm in the process of adding "Medals Awarded".

The database would output a descending list of names alphabetically with...

ID - Category - Surname - Christian name - Station/Cruizer

Clicking on the surname would then open that individuals record to show the complete data.

You will also have the option to view the list by category, [that's still being worked on]

Obviously, there will be varying degrees of information about each individual, some just a name, a date and a ship. Others may include an entire service history.

That's why I've posted this before the database is launched. I want to have as comprehensive a form as possible to cover all the various types of information. I don't want to have to alter the fields after thousands of records have already been uploaded.

As far as I know, this would be the only resource of it's kind, so I'd like to get it right firsthand.

Your database is just the kind of thing this project is about. The key is to get the input fields right so as to cover all the bases.

#3 | Philip on 01/04/2009 00:28:46
p.s As the comments system is not suitable for discussions of this nature, I've set up a new forum: The Records Database Project. Pls post all queries and suggestions there.

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