Two New Additions

-> Philip on August 11 2008
There are two new additions which may need some explaining.

Avatar Gallery and a new secure Validation system...

1. Avatar Gallery

The Avatar Gallery is simple enough. [See link in Navigation bar on left]
If you want to change your Avatar, click the link. Choose the category of images you're interested in. Select the image of choice by clicking the button underneath it and click save. You can either wait to be redirected to your profile or you can click the "Edit Profile" link and if you're happy with your selection, click "Update Profile".This will now be visible with your forum posts and other sections on the site. you can go back and change it as often as you like.

2. Validation System

In certain sections of the site, eg; "Contact Tony", you'll see a validation code and a box underneath. This is an important security check to prevent spamming and other hacks by spambots [automated programs that hunt the web for unsecured sites].
Just enter the code that's displayed and off you go.

If you can't see the code clearly there are two things you can do. First, you can "refresh" the code by clicking the little image on the bottom right of the validation code:

Secondly, you can hear the code read out by clicking the top image:

If you have any queries about either of these, please post your question in the "Site Tech" forum.


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