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Francis Ellis
Francis is my third great grandfather. He was born in abt 1800 in Mullaghmore in Sligo. I have found a record of his appointment to the coastguard service in ADM175/18 (page 267 in the pdf). He was nominated on 20 May 1829 and my query relates to from whence he was nominated. It looks like it says "Exman Sligo District". Can anyone help me to work out what this means? I am hoping I then might be able to find out more about his birth and marriage.

His appointment seems to have been overseen by Lt Clifford.

He took his family to England in 1839 to continue to work in the coastguard service at Cadmus, Herne Bay and Fort Moncrief before becoming a naval pensioner. Were there any specific reasons for people moving in the coastguard service from Ireland to England?

Thank you and best wishes

J A Reid
Joan welcome to the Forum.

'Exman' is short for Extra Man. This was someone who worked at a Coastguard Station but was not yet on the formal establishment, this is why it is unlikely that you will find him at any CG station in Sligo prior to his nomination.

Men were moved around as the service or circumstances dictated. Men in Ireland were paid less than in England, so it was viewed as a better posting.


PS: Find my Past has a Seaman's Ticket indexed for a Francis Ellis born Mullamore [sic], Ticket Number 267.402, frustratingly I could not find the actual ticket. These were issued to men in the RN as well as the CG Service, if this is your man it could provide a physical description as well as an actual date of birth - perhaps a direct approach to the National Archives, Kew would get you a copy.
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Thank you very much for this information. I am planning a visit to Kew so will take this query with me.

J A Reid
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