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relocation of boathouse 5 mile point newcastle co. wicklow
hi have just become a member of coastguards of yesteyear, my main interest being 5 mile point newcastle. I am very familiar with this area but could anyone enlighten me as to where they relocated the new boathouse after the coming of the railway. it mentions near the series of cottages but they lay on the same side, so was it the building opposite on the seaward side which was later known as railway cottage . many thanks..
ps.. photo of which is in "photo galleries"
You should look at the Ordnance Survey website

Use the "Map Browser" and zoom in on Newcastle Wicklow.

If you click on the Historic 6" - you'll see the position of CG house before railway.

If you click on the Historic 25" - you'll see the position of CG house after railway was built. New buidlings arr a little bit further up the coast closer to Dublin.

THis URL may work http://maps.osi.i...702468,7,9

Google maps - link to streetview of the cottages I think,,0,0

Bing maps have a better aerial view
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many thanks bpa...would that have been the newer boathouse, we understood it to be the rocket house. would they have had to wheel the boat over the railway as its some distance. thus why we thought it might have been in the building that was on the seaward side (long gone now). thanks again for clearing up a family puzzle...
Look closely at the "Historic 25" map for five mile point. You can see the cottages as they exist today and also on the map there is a small structure indicated on the seaward side of the track in line with the road (it is part hidden by a dotted line) . This structure also has a small square "extension". I suspect this is the boathouse and the "extension" is the slip.

On the bing aerial photo ( - there is a bulge in the shingle (possibly laid for the railway) in the same spot where the osi map showed a structure.

I think the red brick building near the cottages (see in Google streetview) with the double doors might just be a store (although might be suitable for a hand cart for a rocket ) as boathouse often had arched doorways.


For comparison checkout the Jack's Hole coastguard on the OSI maps for layout of a nearly contemporary station. Rocket House was built as a small separate building at rear so perhaps rocket house were kept separate in case they go off. Boathouse is well away from cottages on beach.


Photo at railway crossing
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sorry bpa...our replies seem to have crossed....thankyou for your most recent reply and your time in investigating same. we're quite chuffed that the new boathouse may well have been located on the seaward side as you described, on a site of which we were later to have many personal memories. I'm guessing then that after the coastguards ceased that many of these buildings would have been bought by the all makes for very interesting history. many thanks again..........and a great website!
Anne Burns
My interest is in Five Mile Point. My understanding is that the original coastguard station is still there. It is a two story building located some distance down the beach from the public roadway, now a private residence accessed by a laneway past the cottages. It dates from the commencement of the station in 1823. The cottages we see today date from 1830's. There is a collection of homes, a laundry room, boat house and/or rocket station. The building of the railway involved the demolition of at least two cottages in its way.
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