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hi my great and great great grandfathers were both coastguards in southern ireland, but i m trying to find out if the wife of my great grandfather x2 mary verling was part of the verlings that were in the navy, she was born in cobh 1836 to william verling and abbey keefe, but apart from his marriage in 1833, his name on childrens births and their marriages i cant find out who william s parentage was, it says on his daughter mary verlings 1858 marriage that her father was william verling and he was a waterman, what does that actually mean ??, plus i was told on here a few years back that there were only 3 lots of verling families in cork, one from castlelyons, one cobh and one templerobin, does anyone have any idea whether this was all one family or completely unrelated ?, i know the castlelyons verlings were farmers and alot of the cobh verlings were in the navy, but its really annoying because though i can find lots of verling births some older than my great grandfather x 3 i cant find his, i do have a DNA match with a lady called margaret kent but she only has2 generations in her tree, one being her father john kent born 1918 died 2002 castlelyons, ancestry told me the match came from john verling 1766 and his daughter ellen verling 1813 who married james kent, i at the time did nt have ellen in my tree and i still cant find a birth for her either, but i ve put her in as the sister to my william and the DNA connection to margaret kent would be right as 4 th cousins as we share the same 4 th great grandparents, i did message this margaret but she never got back to me
but the main thing i want to ask is if anyone would have any idea if these 3 verling families would be related and is verling an irish name even ??, thanks for reading, cathie
cathie allen
Regarding the origin of the name Verling, MacLysaghts The Surnames of Ireland says - This name (the Anglo-Saxon Feorthling) has for many centuries been associated with Co. Cork. So its been around in Ireland for hundreds of years but was probably brought to Cork by someone from England, perhaps around the times of the Anglo Norman invasion (mid 1100s).
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