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Rescue mission gives ambulance a dig-out
Rescue mission gives ambulance a dig-out

Tuesday May 13 2008

IT took muscle power and the Coast Guard to give this ambulance a dig-out on a strand.

When a 19-year-old man was injured in a quad-bike accident on Banna Beach, near Tralee, Co Kerry, the HSE ambulance was dispatched to the scene, close to Black Rock.

The alert was raised shortly after 5pm on Sunday. As the ambulance raced to to the beach to get to the injured man, it got stuck in the sand.

Glenderry Coast Guard unit was called in. A second ambulance was also sent to the scene -- but it stayed away from the beach.

The crew of the first ambulance were meanwhile taken in a Coast Guard 4x4 to help the injured man. He was then strapped on to a stretcher, placed in the back of the 4x4 and ferried to the waiting ambulance. He was brought to Tralee General Hospital wherehe was in a stable condition last night.

Members of the Coast Guard unit threw a tow on to the stranded ambulance. And with the help of a little muscle, the drama was brought to happy ending.

As reported by the Irish Independent
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