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William Jenkins 1864ish occ:Coastguard Ireland
Hi There,

I'm researching the Jenkins ancestry, and i'm looking for any information that the coastguard archives might have on a William Jenkins around 1864.

I found in the archives, wreck of the R.H.Tucker american ship, in i think 1867 sank with four coastguards perished, with one of the coastguard named William Jenkins,his wife a widow with three children.

I was wondering if i can find the names of his wife and three children.

Any reply will be very much appreciated!

Kind Regards
Hi Gary, and welcome to the Forum.

Do you have any other information for William, like an approximate date or a place of birth?

Hi Martin,Wink

Thankyou for the Welcome!

This is what info i know and i have:

William Jenkins occ:Coastguard, i know he had two sons, also a William and John.

I have the marriage certificate of the son also named William, and i'm not to sure of the second part of the father Williams occupation:Coastguard Uricen

7th January 1864, St.Just-In-Roseland, Cornwall, England.

FATHER:William Jenkins occ:Coastguard Uricen

William Henry Jenkins b.c1840 Co.Cork

Margaret Peters b.c1842 St.Mawes, Cornwall, England.

FATHER:William Peters occ:Shipwright

This is what i know on the UK Census, on the son William.

1861 UK Census
William Jenkins 22yrs born:Ireland occ:Trinity Pilot

1871 UK Census
William H. Jenkins 31yrs born:Queenstown-Ireland occ:Trinity Pilot

1881 UK Census
William Hy Jenkins 41yrs born:Ireland occ:Trinity Pilot

1891 UK Census
William H. Jenking 52yrs born:Kinsale-Ireland occ:Seas Trinity Pilot

1901 UK Census
William Henry Jenkins 61yrs born:Cork-Ireland occ:Ret Trinity Pilot

So please if anyone can help me on any information on a William Jenkins whos occupation was a Coastguard Uricen

Any reply will be very much appreciated!

Kind Regards
Re your Jenkins Coastguard family research I have a Church of Ireland Baptismal record :-
Jenkins, William Henry of William and Amelia. Baptised 20 April 1839. Born 16 April 1839. Fatherís occupation Coastguard.Stationed at Cove. Parish Cobh. County Cork.
Jenkins,Elizabeth Rose of William and Emma. Bapt. 1 March 1844. Born 11 February 1844. Father Coastguard at Cove.. Parish Cobh. County Cork.

Jenkins, Matilda of William and Emma. Bapt. 14 March 1852. Born 10 february 1852. Father Coastguard at Summer Cove. Parish Rincurran. County Cork.

Jenkins, Ophelia Matilda of William and Emma. Bapt. 17 May 1860. Father Chief Boatman at Donoghmore. Parish Abbymahon. Co.Cork.

A newspaper report on the sinking of the ĎR.H.Tuckerí lists William Jenkins, Commissioned Boatman leaving a widow and three children.
Reference; Irish Times 10 september 1868.
Fund for relief of families of four Coastguards drowned at Curracloe, has collected £50.
Reference; Wexford Independent 23rd.September 1868.
Does this help ?.

I'm afraid that I can add nothing further to the info Tony has found; although this does seem to add considerably to what you already know Smile

Unfortunately I cannot see a way of taking this forward, unless you get lucky and William snr. married Amelia/Emma in England, when you just might find their marriage details.

Regards Martin.
Hi Martin and Tony,Grin

Thanks for the reply, and also time for finding info on a birth/baptism
of a William Jenkins.
Tony i think you may have given me promising information,but now i will be trying to put more of the Jenkins puzzle together.

Not to long ago, i sent for a birth certificate for William Henry Jenkins born c1839 Co.Cork, but unfortunately in Ireland the births certs i can order abt 1865ish,so Williams birth was a bit to early.Sad

Tony the birth/baptism record you found,i was wondering does it state the parish, so maybe one day i might send for the cert.

Elizabeth Rose Jenkins was baptised in Cobh Parish, Co.Cork.
Ophelia Matilda was baptised in Ringcurran Parish. Co.Cork.
Hi There,Smile

Please can someone be so kind, if possible and lookup a birth/baptism for John J. Jenkins in Co.Cork in abt 1856, he's father was William Jenkins occ:Coastguard.Frown

The article on the Irish Times of 10 Sep.1868 is incorrect when it calls boatman Jenkins 'William' (hence the 'sic' after the name on the abstracted article on the web site) his name was Samuel Henry. He was based at Curracloe and left three children and a wife when he drowned. A fourth was born to his shocked wife the next day. that child was my great grandfather,
Hope it clears up your trail somewhat - Enda
Hello Enda,
Samuel Henry Jenkins was a young man aged 36 when he drowned at Curracloe in 1868 and left behind a young widow and three children.
I have a Church of Ireland Baptismal Record that may relate to him:- Anne Jenkins of Samuel Henry and Ellen Sutton. Born 2 February 1857. father a Coastguard, Wexford Parish. Co.Wexford.
Hi there,

I came across this post after trawling around the site for a couple of days looking for William Jenkins Coastguard, who had a son William Henry, born 1839 in Cork. I was a bit stunned to see gazza1966 asking the same question two and a half years ago and from the same marriage certificate that I have. So my first question has already been answered by Tony.

Now for the supplementaries: were there any prior baptisms registered before William Henry's? ie Did he have older siblings? Are the marriage registers available in the parish? If this is the William I've been following through the ADM downloads, he was born in Will Cove Cornwall in 1812, joined the CG Service from Packet Brig Swallow in Falmouth in 1832 and was posted to Poor Head as Boatsman. From there he went to Robert's Cove as a Boatsman in 1833 and in 1844 he was promoted Commissioned Boatsman at Upper Cove. So when William Henry's baptism was registered in Cobh, this William Jenkins was at Upper Cove.

I've been trawling through the ADM series looking for any and all William Jenkins and the others I have found are: one posted to Tenby (ADM175/97), a Mr William Jenkins posted to Mumbles (ADM175/98) and then I found one nominated from HMS Wellesley, appointed to Romsey and finally one nominated from HMS Magnet in 1833 appointed to Knockallow. This latter William was removed to Cushendell in 1835 and discharged "on a gratuity" in 1838. I also have a Wm Jenkin nominated in 1836 from Sylvia RC to Milk Cove and removed to Bude in 1842. Finally, my last William Jenkins was nominated from HMS Trafalgar in 1848 posted to Mellisle(?). The biggest problem I've had tracking these Williams is my lack of knowldedge of the geography of Ireland. The Coastguard Stations Map from the NMM is frustratingly just too small to make out the names. I'm sure I found a list of stations as they were commissioned around the coast but I don't seem to be able to get back and find it again. I would have found it helpful to have a listing showing the contemporary names of stations, ports and districts alongside current town names.

So another question then is: do the other William Jenkins get ruled out of the running because of where they were stationed? I could work out that Milk Cove is Derry in the north and I think I can rule out the one nominated from Trafalgar.

More questions about my likely William: when he transferred from Upper Cove to Barry's Cove in 1857, in the D DD etc column it has what looks like PVR (see attachment). Any ideas what this means?

I was stumped when he was "transferred" from ADM175/20 until I found out that the organisation changed and he was listed on the Navy Lists of Hawke, Frederick William and Valiant. By the time of the last entry in Valiant, had had been promoted to Chief Boatsman in Charge at Kells and seems to have been pensioned off in 1873.

So more questions: How do I find out where he was pesnioed off to? Also, in his HMS Hawke entry, he has Seaman Boatman status No 172 with mention of Royal Albert 13 June 56. What did this mean?

Finally, any advice on how I can find out about Packet Brig Swallow in 1832?



BY the way this is my first post and I've asked a lot of questions, so if it's the done thing to break them up a bit, just let me know Smile
bodad attached the following image:
Hi bodad, and welcome to the Forum.

Re your question mention of Royal Albert 13 June 56. What did this mean?, this was the last RN ship he served on.
The William Jenkins born Mill Cove, Cornwall, was one of those CG who re-entered the navy during the Crimean War, serving first on HMS Prince Regent in the Baltic, then HMS Royal Albert in the Black Sea.

I will have a look at your other questions when I have a little more time.



Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing some more. By the way, I'm planning a visit to TNA Kew in a couple of weeks, so any pointers as to where I might go to get more details that I can't get from this forum or elsewhere online would be really helpful. (Actually if anyone else also has any specific look ups they want doing, I'll see what I can do while I'm there).

A follow up question for Tony (hope you don't mind): In the 1871 census (St Mawes) my GGF William Henry Jenkins had his little brother staying with him. His details are: John James Jenkins age 15 Years Pilot's apprentice born Ireland Queenstown (I know the middle name from the Family Bible). I note from your original response to this post that William Jenkins was recorded as having a number of children with Amelia and then Emma. I'm not sure of the geography, so am also unsure whether Amelia was Emma and it was a transcription or mishearing by the person writing the name down, or if Amelia died and William remarried. If there's a birth record for John James Jenkins in about 1856, it might help to clarify the mother's name. If there is no record, could it be that that register has been lost, or is there more unravelling of CG records that I need to do?


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Hi Tim

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

There were so many questions in your post I had trouble getting my head around them all!

If you know your man William Henry Jenkins was born in Cork around 1840, I would limit my search to the ADM 175 records for this locality to try an limit the number of William Jenkins, i.e. his father, that could possibly be a CG at the time. Having said this, you do seem to have done it already.

Again it does sound as though you have then used the ADM 175 records to trace his service from his entry from HMS Swallow to the date he was pensioned off. The advantage of the later CG records is that they provide a date and place of birth that removes some of the guess work.

My next move would be to consult the Muster Books at the National Archives for Swallow, for the period around 1830, to see what I could find of any earlier service. As a packet brig Swallow would have spent her time going from her home port to the fleet carrying dispatches and official passengers. Again from her Logs at the NA you should be able to establish where she was based. My guess, and it's purely that, is Falmouth.

On your question re 'PvR' this means Promoted and Removed i.e. transferred.

Once a man was pensioned he was free to chose where he lived. In some instances men remained in the locality where they were last working, in others they returned to other locations in the UK.

Hi Martin,

Yes there were rather a lot of questions. I'd been trying to get a fix on William Jenkins since about 2004/5 and it's only since making the connection with the original post here that things have started to open up a bit. And how! With other lines of genealogy, I get to the BMDs and Census records but rarely anything else. But with men who served in the armed forces, there's a service record showing which units they were with and when. That then opens up the possibility of putting their service into a wider historical context. Wonderful.

I've pored over the ADM 175 downloads for about ten days tracing all these William Jenkins Coastguards and concluded that it wouldn't be too big a job to transcribe all of the series into a spreadsheet or similar. Is that what you did with the Crimean War records? Mind you, I've recently found a Nicolas Jenkins (b.1844 in Ireland) whose father was a William Jenkins Coastguard. This baptism record is from St Mawes in Cornwall. So I spent Friday afternoon downloading as much of the ADM series as I didn't already have to see if I can make head or tails of the coastguards in Cornwall. The transcription of this baptism record (from On-line Parish Clerks) states that the mother's name is clearly stated as Henry! You just wonder about the hearing of some of the ministers in those days.

The PVR is obvious when you know: Its Pd & Rd when you look carefully. That's one of the things that concerns me a little about the potential of transcribing these ADM records - I can transcribe what I see but I don't always see what's written. And that's when the copy is clear and reasonably legible.

So today, I'll research the references for HMS Swallow so I can order the material when I get to Kew. I'll also research the Pensions material so I can try and follow him at the end of his career. This family history is fascinating as I didn't know what a Packet Brig was or did. But your comments about linking the fleet to the home port makes sense. How else would the fleet get new orders when they were already at sea? By the way, I found a paper that mentions HMS Swallow from the NMMC website "Captain William King RN, the Admirality Packet Service and the Hydrographic Office, 1823-1829".


Although I cannot prove this, I should like to suggest that William Henry Jenkins was the son of William Jenking who was baptised on 24th October 1813 at St. James the Great Church, Antony, Cornwall. I believe William married Emma Tiddy on 13th August 1835 at St. Just-in-Roseland Church, Cornwall. The marriage was by licence, which would fit in if he had obtained a posting in Ireland and was shortly to leave the parish. The 'Amelia' referred to in William Henry's baptism would thus be a mistranscription of Emma.

William Jenking (baptised 1813) was the second son of Jonas Jenking (Jenkins - the spelling of the surname is a little erratic) and Jane, and had an older brother, Jonas, born circa 1807, Torpoint and baptised on 25th October 1807 at St. James the Great Church, Antony. He also became a coastguard and served in Ireland. Jonas and Jane appear in the census returns for St. Mawes in 1841, '51 and '61 following Jonas's retirement, when he is listed as a Naval pensioner. He appears to have been a Naval cook and, when his third son, Richard, was baptised at St. James the Great on 24th March 1816, was posted to 'RMS Gibralter' (Could this be HMS Gibralter?) Jonas and Jane had at least seven children: - Jonas, Matilda, William, Richard, Mary Anne, Charles George and Henry.

I believe Jonas (baptised 1781) to be the eldest child of Nicholas Jenking and Grace Steer who were married on 7th October 1780 in St. Just-in-Roseland Church. Nicholas's grandfather was a William Jenkyn, born on 5th August 1699, who married Matilda Sharock in St. Just-in-Roseland Church on 14th August 1718. At the time of his death, in February 1756, William was working in The Custom's House and was also dealing in fish. You are probably wondering how I come to know all this - I, too, am descended from William and Matilda and have tried to trace the family over the years.

Hi Seaspray,

On the research on our Jenkins, theres been two of us researching, your see obvious myself and bodad(Tim), Tim has many records and the whereabouts of William Jenkins junior and senior, and when he gets back from holiday, and i'm sure he'll get contact with you.

Speak Soon

I have PMd you. You evidently have information that Gary and I are interested in and I'd be very happy to share everything we found about the family in Ireland including other living descendants.

Hi - thanks to all for this fascinating thread.

My wife is also a direct descendant of the Jonas Jenking baptised in 1781. My research (as it stood in the summer - I've taken it a little further since then) can be seen at

I'm about to PM Seaspray in the hope of learning more Smile
Kind regards,
Pam T
Hi to all who can trace back to William Jenking and Matilda Sharrock. They are my 6x Great Grandparents and I would be interested in any info. on them and their desendants.
I visited St Just in Roseland church last summer in search of ancestors and was thrilled to find so many relevant names. I am willing to share any info. I have on the Jenking family, also the Trevarthen's ,James, Whitford, Harris and Paddy families from around the area. Several of them were shipwrights.
It has been a lonely seach,so far, due to a lack of more recent re-producing within the family! So any contact with wider family members would be great.
I can supply more info. but would prefer to do so by email.

Looking forward to any replies

Pam T
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