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ADM Index
This section will be of use to Coastguard Family Researchers as an aid to those researching Irish Coastguard material at the National Archives (formerly the Public Records Office) at Kew in London. There are a small number of ADM (Admiralty) books relating to Coastguards serving in Ireland. They refer to Details of Coastguards transferred to a Station and also of men being transferred out.

ADM Explanatory Notes
Revenue Cruisers were under Naval Control 1816-1821, but Coastguard books only began in 1824. Many men entered the Coastguard from Revenue Cruisers. The Coastguard under control of the Customs was formed from the Preventive Waterguard and the Revenue Cruisers (in Ireland) in 1822, although Irish records still often refer to 'Preventive Station' until much later.

Research Aids
Some aids to assist researchers of Royal Navy Coastguard personnel serving in Ireland till 1922.

Irish Coastguard: Stages of Development
The following information giving the earliest listing of stations established for the Irish Preventative Water Guard, is based on extracts from ADMs 175/1, 175/13, 175/14, 175/15 and the Tenth Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Collection and Management of the Revenue arising in Ireland, Scotland ; Etc. published by the House of Commons, 24 June 1824.

Index of Coastguard Stations
Index of Coastguard Stations in 19th.century Ireland.

County list of CG Stations. 1900
List of Coastguard Stations around the coast of Ireland by County c.1900.

J.F.G. Blanchard Service Record
What can be achieved with your Coastguard Ancestor Research. Three things are necessary: Patience, Patience, and more Patience. There are many Coastguard service records at National Archives, Kew. London. With a little luck you can find out all about ancestors personal characteristics, postings to stations, conduct medals, pensions etc....

Irish Coast Guard Station Locations
Location of Irish Coastguard Stations