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The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No7
July 2008:
The First aeroplane to cross the English Channel.   "There was great excitement in Dover when news of Bleriots arrival was circulated. The police men on duty, the Coastguards, the soldiers at Dover Castle, a few early anglers on the pier...

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No 6
June 2008:
The Customs Officers and Coastguards had formidable enemy's in many smuggling gangs who made huge amounts of money running contraband into the country. The Smugglers did manage to coerce, with bribery, some officials to look the other way.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No5
May 2008:
Some leases of Coastguard stations on our coasts permitted the men to gather seaweed on the foreshore of the station. Seaweed was an excellent fertiliser and used by the men on their vegetable plots. It is very possible that a small income could also come from the sale of these weeds.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No4
April 2008:
Many of the earlier Coastguard stations were well built and many were sited in attractive surroundings. Robert's Cove station had both of these qualities plus later sympathetic extensions as a private dwelling. It is a real gem.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No3
March 2008:
In the early years of the Coastguard the men were sent on retraining exercises yearly to enable them to function as a reserve force for the Navy. On station there were regular sessions of marksmanship with rifles and revolvers.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No2
Feb 2008:
The Coastguard who fought at Trafalgar. An interesting item about a Royal Navy sailors career before he joined the Coastguard service and is now interred in a graveyard at Ballyheigue in Ireland.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No1
Jan 2008:
For many, many years The Night of the Big Wind, 1839, remained in the memory of people all over Ireland. It was a sad night for the Coastguard Service in Ireland.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No12
Dec 2007:
Christmas is a time of celebrating the Family also a time of Hope as we await the passing of the year and the start of a new one.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No11
Nov 2007:
When a method of saving life by firing, by rocket, a line aboard a stranded ship from shore with�a Breeches Buoy it was hailed as an extremely mobile piece of apparatus to be used by two men. Coastguard Stations were positioned to catch smugglers on nice sandy beaches. Many ships came ashore on rocky headlands and so the Rocket Apparatus Carts were introduced to carry the bulky and cumbersome equipment. these carts were sometimes pulled by men or horses for four or five miles in terrible weather conditions.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No10
Oct 2007:
It is easy when searching around Ireland looking for former Coastguard stations to notice the outstanding ones built after the 1860's. It is very easy to pass by a smaller boathouse structure and ignore it. In fact these were the original stations constructed in the 1820's as accommodation for officer or Chief Boatman in charge of boats and equipment. In fact during the troubled early 1920's the larger stations were targeted and burnt down while the smaller boat-house type were ignored.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No9
Sept 2007:
Many family history researchers wonder how Coastguard families coped with the death of a loved one, far from home Of course funerals differed, but the following ones may give a little snap-shot into the the past. One thing, that would have been constant at all Coastguard funerals, would have been the deep sorrow, anguish and grief of the family, friends, and fellow Coastguards.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No8
August 2007:
During the political uprest in Ireland in the 1870's a Fenian uprising was widely expected, aided by money from Irish immigrants in America.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No7
July 2007:
The Coastguards were given prize money if they intercepted a smuggler with contraband on board. This money was paid when the smugglers were successfully prosecuted. Some lucky Cruiser Captains became quite wealthy.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No6
June 2007:
There are many references to the Coastguards saving life with the "Rocket Apparatus". A rocket carrying a light line was fired over the ship in distress. Attached to the line was a heavier rope with breeches buoy attached. This enabled crew, assisted by Coastguards, to bring to safety people from the ship in distress.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol5 No5
May 2007:
It was long believed in Naval services that strict discipline was essential to keeping crews in order. Nowadays former punishments seem to have been extreme and un-necessary.