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The Coastguard Cutter Vol 7 No10
Oct 2009:
In 1838 William Darling, the Longstone Lighthouse keeper, and his daughter Grace, rescued four men and a woman from the "Forfarshire" wrecked near the Lighthouse....

The Coastguard Cutter Vol 7 No9
Sep 09:
As in all walks of life, then as now, the Coastguard could find life too unbearable with tragic consequences.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol 7 No8
Aug 2009:
Many of the Coastguard stations were attacked and burnt down between 1920 and 1922. In a number of cases no serious damage was done.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No7
Jul 2009:
The coasts of Co.Antrim and Co.Down are no strangers to gales and shipwrecks.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No6
Jun 2009:
Like all large organisations worldwide, the Admiralty had a list of Priorities. In certain cases they were Economical ones.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No5
May 2009:
A Coastguard or a Lighthouse Keeper will always have a woman in the home to help when things go horribly wrong.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No4
Apr 2009:
Differences of opinion did arise from time to time between the Coastguard service and the men of the R.N.L.I. as this Drogheda call-out showed.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No3
Mar 2009:
The Preventive Water Guard were the precursors of the Coastguards and many were later amalgamated into the new organisation.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No2
Feb 2009
On the 17th May 1915, the 'Lusitania' neared the coast of Ireland. At 2.10 in the afternoon a torpedo fired by the German submarine U20 slammed into her side.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol7 No1
Jan 2009
A Happy New Year to all of our readers. Thanks for your comments during the year.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No12
Dec 2008:
A Happy and Healthy Christmas to all. A mixed bag of Coastguard items to enjoy.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No11
Nov 2008:
Coastguard rescues from stricken ships were looked on as "part of the job" . Rescues of bathers adjacent to stations, and other acts, at any time of the day showed 24/24 hour dedication to saving life in any circumstance.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No10
Oct 2008:
An oft asked question to the site is the one " What did the Coastguards do." We are well informed of their assistance at shipwrecks, but looking after fishery matters was an important one of their duties.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No9
Sept 2008:
The term Wreckers applies to people who unlawfully stripped wrecked ships or collected cargo washed on shore. Coming into contact with Coastguards who were trying to secure the property for the owners, or insurance agents, fights sometimes occurred with fatal results.

The Coastguard Cutter Vol6 No 8
Aug 2008:
The First World War unfortunately proved that the Coastguards as a Naval reserve would not work and that they still had a valuable function on shore as Coastwatchers and in communication with ships at sea.