Accident: Mr. Rodgers, Divisional Officer of Coastguards

1917 Pinned beneath car While driving at 10 o’clock on Sunday morning, near Costello Bay with Mr. Rodgers, Divisional Officer of Coastguards, James Brennan, car driver, of Rosemary Lane, Galway, was pinned underneath his car, which capsized, and when released, life was found to be extinct. When the horse began to get restless, Mr. Rodgers jumped off the car, but Mr. Brennan remained on his seat, and endeavoured to control the animal, which, however, bucked the car into a trench alongside the road. The horse fell, and the car turned over on the side the driver was sitting, pinning him underneath, and when extricated, Mr. Brennan was dead. He was 70 years of age, and was well known in Galway. The road at this point is extremely dangerous.

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