Coastguard auction 1882

JOSEPH FINEGAN respectfully announces that he been favoured with instructions from Commander Dickenson, who is removing to Sell Unreservedly, BY AUCTION, at his residence, COASTGUARD STATION, DUNDALK, On WEDNESDAY 7th JUNE 1882.

Commencing at Eleven o'clock sharp.


DRAWING ROOM -- A very superior Cottage Piano in Walnut case, full compass, by the celebrated London Maker, George Russell; Piano Stool, Music Waggn, handsome Brussels Carpet 11 x 15 feet; Skin Hearthrug, beautiful Chinese Cabinet with plated mountings; Walnut, Oval and Occasional Tables, magnificent Davenport; Lady's Workbasket Table, superior Pier Glass in ebonized frame, 38 x 16 inchs; some splendid proof Engravings by Noel, Paton and Dore, including the Night of the Crucifixion, the House of Caiphas, Christian Martyrs, and other important subjects; Walnut Couch in Cretonne, 3 Easy-chairs to match, child's Easy-chair, handsome Polished Steel Fender and Fire Irons, Window Hangings, Brackets, Chimney Ornaments.

DINING-ROOM. -- A Mahogany Dining-table, 6 ft.3 in x 4 ft; Tapestry Carpet 16 x 12 feet, 6 Mahogany Chairs in Morocco, 3 Easy-chairs, handsome Mahogany Cabinet, Oil Paintings and splendid Engravings, Window Curtains, Poles and Rings, Polished Steel Fender and Irons, handsome Basket-table, a number of splendid Paraffin and other Lamps, Morning and Evening Services, China and Delph, Cutlery and Glassware, Coal Vase, and Chimney Ornaments.

HALL -- Stair Carpets, Oilcloth and Mats, American Eight-day Clock; Buffalo Horns (mounted) Mahogany Table, Fitzroy Barometer, Lamps, Flower Stand, Hat Racks, &c, &c.

BEDROOMS, -- 5 in number, contain every requisite -- Brass and Iron Bedsteads, best Spring and Hair Mattresses, Magnificent Wardrobe in Maple and Polished Deal, with silvered-glass centre and drawers; several sets of Mahogany and Painted Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Duchess Washstands with marble tops, fancy Dressing Tables, Toilet Glasses, Towel Rails, Cane-sea??nu? Basket-chairs, Clothes Basket, Brussels Carpets, Fenders and Fire Irons, Iron Cot and Folding Beds, Sponge and Hip-baths, Commode and Bedroom Delph, &c.

KITCHEN. -- Chairs, Deal Tables, Dresser, Staffordshire and Worchester Delph in Dinner, Morning and Evening Service; Kitchen Clock, Spring Balance, small Meat Safe, Bradford's Patent Mangle, hot water Baths, Bottles, Water Filter, and a quantity of useful Culinery and Kitchen Utensils.

-- A beautiful Greenhouse, well stocked with choice Flowers and Plants; a quantity of Vegetables, Strawberry, Currants, Gooseberry and Raspberry Plants; about 6 cwt. of good Hay and Straw, a large number of empty Cases, Crates and Hampers; Wire Netting, Croquet and Lawn Tennis Sets complete, Geenhouse Lamp, Garden Seat, Lawn Mower, small Metal Roller, excellent Saddle and Bridle, nearly new, splendid Double Gun, &c, &c.

Sale at Eleven o'clock sharp.

Terms -- Cash; Purchasers to pay Commission.

JOSEPH FINEGAN, Auctioneer, Dundalk, 30th May, 1882. Advertisement in the Dundalk Democrat.

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