The Tiltman Family Coastguards - Part 2

All coastguards and water preventive boatmen are shown on the tree in CAPITAL letters. My great grandmothers line is shown in red and my great grandfathers line is shown in blue - their grandfathers were also 'cousins'!

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#1 | Cakeij on 31/07/2008 07:31:48
Having produced this family tree I shall now be contributing more info about individual coastguards and water preventive boatmen - using the tree as point of reference. Two of the coastguard husbands were Irish - Timothy Bible and William Pengelley and I would love to know more about their origins.
#2 | Cakeij on 25/11/2008 13:23:30
My tree is going to have to be redrawn since I have finally discovered the parentage of the mysterious Richard 1806 (No 6 on chart) who was drowned at Burnham on Crouch in 1841. If you go to the top of the tree you will find William Tiltman 1752. He had another son called Richard born in 1778 who was a mariner and pilot in Rye. He married Mary Moore and one of their children was Richard born in 1803. This is the Richard who became a boatman in the coastguard around 1835 and was married to Mary Ann Hyland. He was drowned in the River Crouch in Essex 27 Sep 1841.

I finally managed to pin him down through the second marriage of his wife Mary Ann. She was listed in the LDS marriages for 1700-1900 as Mary Ann Tiltman, daughter of William Hyland. She married in 1842 a master mariner 16 years older than herself called Edmund Fuller. It is good to find the right niche for Richard who died young in the service of the Coastguard.
#3 | Cakeij on 26/11/2008 19:12:48
Thanks to Martin (Crimea 1854) I now have the story of the Coastguard career of Timothy Bible (No 15 on the chart) who married into the Tiltman coastguard clan. Martin wrote:

"Timothy entered the CG Service on 12 Nov 1856, joining from HMS Jean D'Arc where he had served as 2nd Captain of the Main Top during the Crimean War......

His first CG station was Downderry, where he served with Chief Boatman Thomas William Tiltman (No 7 on chart) and met his future wife Charlotte, daughter of the same. He was transferred to Yealm CGS at his own request on 8 April 1859. On retirement he took up employment as a farm bailiff in Stevenage."

Thank you again Martin for your invaluable help.
#4 | Philip on 29/11/2008 15:21:41
Updated family tree posted: version 3
#5 | Cakeij on 03/12/2008 19:56:59
Despite Philips valiant work to get my Mk3 family tree to make sense it is still not right so I shall try making another one - even if I have to do it by hand - over the weekend.
#6 | Cakeij on 06/04/2012 17:06:18
It has been a while since I last commented on this site. Many thanks go to Jean Thompson of the History Centre at Blakeney in Norfolk who has found yet another Tiltman Coastguard. Henry Givens Tiltman (1816 - 1865) was serving in the Preventive Service at Wells, Norfolk in 1841 when his older brother Richard (1803-1841), who is mentioned in comment #2 above, was drowned at Maldon in Essex.

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