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-> Philip on September 26 2008
There are now two contact forms, see links in left nav bar.

They're fairly self explanatory...

"Contact Tony"

This is for site subject matter related queries only, Tony cannot help with site technical problems.

"Contact Tech Support"

This is for problems with using any part of the site that you can't find answers for in the FAQ. Members can also post a query in the Site Tech forum.

For example: If you are having problems receiving the newsletter, pls contact me [Tech Support]. But, if you have a question relating to it's content, then contact Tony.

Both myself and Tony are only too happy to help with any queries or feedback you may have. However, we both have our areas of expertise so please use the correct form and please be patient for a reply.

Coy Admin
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#1 | Peter Jackson on 28/01/2013 22:52:45
I note a.t.t. that, although I may Not be logged in, I am still able to access material on the site, including Galleries, Forum etc. However, to post replies I need to be logged in? Does this sound right to you tekkies or is it a fault??
Just thought I would check? Rgds Pete Jackson
#2 | Philip on 02/02/2013 09:46:20
That is correct. Only logged in members may post on the site.

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