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-> Philip on August 03 2008
The upgrade of the site is now [more or less] done. Besides the new look it's pretty much the same as before. Members usernames and passwords and other settings are unaffected as well as any forum posts, photos or other submissions.

Most of the side panels are still here, including a few new ones. Although, they may have switched sides. The most notable is the Login Panel, which is now on the top right instead of left.

You'll also notice we now have panels on both sides which can be turned on or off. On the top right you'll see a selection of buttons:

Update: Members can help by using the Report Error system [link on left] should they come across an article or other file that's hard to read or there's text missing.

The three squares in the middle allow you to turn the side panels on or off. The square on the left toggles the left panel, the middle square toggles the right panel and the square on the right toggles both side panels.

This enables you to give more space to the page your viewing. Some pages have the right panel turned off by default, eg: the forum. If you're viewing a page with no right panel and you want to use your profile panel or private messages, there are links to it at the very top of each page above the banner.

The + and - beside the A is for increasing or decreasing the text size should you need to.

The colour buttons allow you to change the colour scheme of the site. If you have cookies enabled in your web browser, these settings will be remembered so you won't have to change them each time you visit.

1. Because of the way the software controls the text, some of the articles will have different size text and may look a little off. If a particular article doesn't fit, use the panel buttons to remove the left or right panels to view it. Over time this will be rectified.
2. Some of the facilities on the old site are currently unavailable, most notably the "Personal Favourites" and the "Avatar Gallery" panels. We hope to make them available in the near future.
3. There is now an "Error Reporting" system. If you come across an article or some other section or file that's in serious need of some TLC, please let me know using the Error Report link on the left.
4. Please do NOT contact Tony regarding site errors.
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#1 | crimea1854 on 04/08/2008 06:59:57
Congratulations on a smooth change over. As with everything new it will take a little time to get used to some of the finer nuances, particularly the way the page is displayed. Smile

#2 | Philip on 04/08/2008 10:19:38
Thanks Martin Cool

There's still some work to be done. However, I hope to add a choice of themes in the future.

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