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Portrane Coastguard Station, Co. Dublin
Hi List,

This is my first time posting so hope I'm in the right place.
My Gt Gt Grandfather was born in Portrane, Co. Dublin in 1826 when his father Isaac HARRIS was stationed there. Does anyone know if there are still any traces left of the station? I'm going to be in Ireland in September this year and am hoping to visit this area. Any help or advice would be very welcome and gratefully received.

Kind regards,
A new Coastguard station was built in 1912 on Quay Road Portrane and this building is still there. The Googler maps link is here

However looking at the 1860s maps - the pre 1912 coastguard station was on Burrow Road, Portrane and looks like it is totally demolished. The Google maps link is here - and I think the station was in space between houses.

To see an old 1860s map of the area and the location of the old coastguard station - go to the website, and click on "Explore map". For some reason pasted URLs don't work so you will have to zoom in on the coast to the left of Donabate which is north of Malahide. The X,Y cordinates of the old station are 725400, 751047. By defautl you will get a modern map of Burrow Road - if you click "Historic 25"" in the panel - the 1860s map will be shown and coastgiuard station should be shown.
Hi bpa,

Thank you very much for your reply. I've had a look at the maps you suggested and can see where the station probably was. Guess I was being a bit optimistic in hoping there might still be something there. At least I can get a sense of what the area was like. Thanks again.

Kind regards

There is an open grassed space between the Brook pub and Pipers takeaway where the CS station was, this space is part of the access to the beach where the lifegaurd hut is..
Sorry for the delay in responding - have been away. Thank you very much for this info. Atleast I will know where to look even if it's no longer there.
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