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Benjamin Tyrrell, Coastguard 1834-1865
BT was my gggrandfather - born Arklow, Co Wicklow, 1805, died Queensland, Australia, 1875.

He joined the Royal Navy in 1826 and served on various ships which operated out of Plymouth or Portsmouth. He was nominated to join HM Coastguard in 1834.

Between 1834 and 1840, BT was stationed in ports in Rye District, England - because at that time the Coastguard was primarily an anti-smuggling operation, and the powers that be wouldn't place a man in his home territory, so that he wouldn't be subjected to pressures by family and/or friends.

However, in 1840, BT was promoted to "commissioned boatman" and "removed" to Mannin Bay Station, Galway Port. In 1847, BT was promoted again to "chief boatman" and "removed" to Cleggan Station. In 1849, BT was again promoted, to "chief boatman in charge" and "removed to Killeries Station (there was no officer at the station, so BT was in charge). The main issue remained smuggling on the somewhat wild west coast of Ireland.

BT remained in charge at the Killeries until 1859, when he was "removed" again, this time back to the east coast, as "chief boatman in charge", Wicklow Head Station. In 1864, BT was removed again, this time to Roches Point Station, Cork, (now Whitegate), still as "chief boatman in charge". BT remained there until he was discharged in 1865, aged 60 years.

In 2007, I visited Ireland to try to locate where these stations were located and to see if there might be any evidence of buildings or whatever. I didn't get much joy, except at the Killeries. So, I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas about what records I could follow up, to get a better picture.
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