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william boyd
looking for any info on william boyd, seaman born 1875, he was son of wilson boyd, sea captain and commander rn whose father was also a seaman by the name of alexander boyd, possibly born in the north of ireland.
The following may be of interest as the name Wilson Boyd, birthplace and martitime connection would indicate that he vould be related.

In the 1861 UK census there is a Wilson Boyd age 45 (b abt 1816) Commd. Boatman Coast Guard born Ballycastle Antrim. In Foulness on the vessel "Dove" and wife Jane Ann age 38 b Hastings.

In 1851 UK census for East Stonehouse Devon, there is a Wilson Boyd age 30 (b at 1813) Semena b in Oreland with wife Jane age 28 b in Hastings and sister Mary Bedford age 24 b Ireland.

There is a marriage record for Wilson Boyd and Jane Bedford in East Stonehouse in Apr-May-Hun 1844.

There could be a NA record for him here http://www.nation...ultcount=3

In UK 1871 census there is a Wilson Boyd age 27 (b abt 1844) Ireland a Bombadier at Dover Castle seems to be a military camp.
There was a Coastguard Wilson Boyd who served on HMS Euryalus during the Crimean War as Captain of the Aft Guard (a Petty Officer). His Baltic Medal was sent to Southend Coastguard District on 18 April 1857, so looks to be the same man as found by bpa at Foulness. At the time he signed on in Euryalus (1854) he gave his age as 33.

thank you for your response...his full name was john wilson boyd, commander rn, I can't be sure of his date of birth, he had a daughter charlotte josephine boyd, aged 17 in 1911. her mother's maiden name may have been mitchell!!! I will follow up on your info. dorene
I am struggling to correlate the information you have provided.

You say John Wilson Boyd married a Mitchell and had a daughter Charlotte age 17 in 1911.

According to 1911 Census in Drumcoondra ( http://www.census...oad/23053/ ) there is a Wilson Boyd age 70 (look at original form), married to Elizabeth, sister Martha Mitchell, single living daughter Mary 17 and the couple only had 1 child.

There is a 16th May 1893 baptism record ( http://churchreco...0540076764 ) for Mary Boyd parent Wilson (Sea Captain) and Elizabeth. Datye of bither 3 July 1893. Clonliffe Road is in Drumcondra.

In the 1901 Census in the same family there is William age 25 and another of Elizabeth sisters - Mary Mitchell.

Wilson Boyd married Elizabeth Mitchel on 16th Feb 1891 ( http://churchreco...d590542135 ). Wilson was a Master Mariner and a widower which explain why Mary Boyd in 1911 is the only child of Wilson & Elizabeth as William is Wilson's son from a previous marriage. The marriage record detailthat Wilson's father Alexander is a Customs Officer and Elizabeth father's is a Mariner.

To find out more details of family sometimes looking for siblings can help by providng access to more records on the parents

Checking other Dublin church records where Alexander Boyd, Customs Officer is a father of groom/bride and two more records seem relevant.

On 8thg Aug 1864 Daniel Boyd married Bridget Neill. Daniel was a mariner. See http://churchreco...d590542135 - check image for Alexander's occupation as transcription is wrong.

On 25th May 1874 William Boyd married Sarah Healy. William was a labourer. See http://churchreco...7220583360

Checking census to see what becomes of William and Daniel.

In 1881 England census there is a Daniel Boyd age 41 b Antrim, Ireland Master Mariner in the Vessel parish on the Violet (i.e. on board ship navy)

In 1891 Scotland Census there is a Daniel Sea Captiain and Beatrice Boyd (no access to image so I assume Beatrice is transcription error for Bridget) with family of 8 children (including an Alexander) in Govan, Lanakshire. There is also a Wils Boyd nephew age 23 b Ireland occupation Stew. In 1901 the in Govan Lanarkshire there is Daniel (retired Ship master) and Bridget Boyd with family of 4 children - name and ages consistent with 1901 census.

On this site in the records database thee is a reference to John Wilson Boyd being listed in the Navy lists in at 1800s - unfortunately no year is specified. Also Daniel Boyd although on the 1881 Census is listed as being on the "Violet" - in a few of the Navy Lists I checked around 1881 I couldn't find the Violet. The navy list are very good but hard to search - some copies can be found here

Also I associate the term "Mariner" and "Master Mariner" more with Merchant Navy thans Royal Navy - so it may be worthwhile checking the Merchant Navy records here http://www.findmy...avy-seamen . I did a quick check and unfortunately there are a lot of Boyds from Antrim, Ballycastle, Larne so it seem they are a Maritime family.
Thanks bpa for your detailed response, much appreciated. I have been out of action and now returning to my research on the Boyds.
Assuming the Wilson Boyd discussed above is your man, then more information is now available. Ancestry now have the ADM 29 series of Service Records online, there is one for Wilson, which shows him entering the navy on HMS Pique where he was to earn the 1847 Naval General Service Medal with the Syria 1840 clasp.

The other record that is now available via FMP is his Merchant Seamens Ticket (322,430). This was issued while serving on HMS America, which ties up with the above Service Record. From this you have a physical description and a place of birth (Ballycastle, Antrim : 1820).

I will check out your records, this is indeed helpful. Thanks Dorene
Hi Doreen,

I don't know too much about Wilson Boyd but lived in the same house in Drumcondra, namely 22 Hollybank Road. You can find details of the Boyd family on the 1901 and 1911 Census returns. I would assume that Wilson bought the house from new as I believe the house was completed in 1896. It was a fine late-Victorian house with big rooms and high 12 foot ceilings to the front of the house. It was three-bedroomed and like many of the houses in the area was built by a renowned Scottish builder named Strain. It would have been a very expensive house for the time and Drumcondra, then as now, is an affluent area. Our family lived in the house from 1960 to 2008. While it was a happy home, I do think it was haunted after an incident I had as a child.

Wilson must have been an interesting character as he was 60 in 1901 with a 28 year old wife!

I hope that's of use!


Paul Quinn
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