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Thomas Gaskin
Ken Gaskin
Hi all, I'm a new member who inherited the search for our ancestors when my father John Gaskin died. I've been down many rabbit holes and pulled many threads that led nowhere. Finally found my great great Granda Thomas Gaskin who was a HM NAVY SEAMAN originally from Barbados. He was a member of the IRISH coastguard and married a coastguard Thomas Connolly/Connelly's daughter Margaret in 1870 in the Church of Renvyle in Galway The marriage was witnessed by Samuel Duffield and Andrew Castleton He served 1859 until at least 1878 when it looks like he was invalidid out of the service. I intend to take a trip to Galway next year with one or both of my brothers so we can look for his grave. Mary and he had at least four children with William being my great grandfather who moved to Edinburgh were he met and married A fellow Irish lass Mary Dunbar. They had at least one child Letitia Gaskin who was my paternal grandmother. My father kept the Gaskin name when she gave him away as a baby. We lived our lives in Aberdeen before emigrating to Canada where we now all live.
If anyone has any info on Thomas I would be forever grateful.
Thanks Ken Gaskin
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