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Ring (Bar) Coast Guard Station Clonakilty
Hello and Good morning.

I am researching for a book I'm writing on the interwar years; the book is based around my grand aunt and grand uncle who had a fascinating life. My grand uncle was born in Co. Waterford and his father served as a coastguard at the the Bonmahon coast guard station when the lad was born. The father: Michael O'Brien, was away at war from 1914-1919 and then he returned to serve again at Bonmahon.

From there the family moved to 'Oysterhaven' station where Michael obtained his leading Boatsman qualification. They were only there for 6 months when he was moved to 'Ring Bar' Coast Guard station.

I can't seem to find any information on 'Ring Bar' station other than the fact (written on his Service Record) that the station was Destroyed in 1921. He was there at the time of the attack apparently - possibly carried out as part of the Irish Independence War by the brotherhood? This attack happened shortly after the brotherhood attacked and destroyed Bonmahon station. These attacks had a pronounced effect on Michael which marred the rest of his life. He was a God fearing Catholic who because of his upbringing and work made him value life rather than taking it.

Very shortly afterwards (within the week) the whole family had emigrated to England where he was established as a Leading Boatsman at Clacton-on-Sea coastguard station and they lived for the next 20 years in the Coastguard Cottages at Clacton. Perhaps this too was part of the resettlement of Coast Guard personnel to England during the War of Independence 1920-1921 - the dates certainly match.

I have been in touch with Senior Coastal Operations Officer at Clacton and have some background information and photos from there, but I have no idea what happened at Ring Bar ...

It appears that what is called 'Ring Bar station' on my Ancestors Coast Guard Service Record (from the NA Kew) is actually 'Clonakilty Station at Ring' in Kinsale District, County Cork. The following link mentions that it is in 'Ring Bar' - when you follow the Google Maps link it leads you to Curraghgrange Beg, Arundelmills, by 'North Bar'. This (Ring Bar) appear to be a small inlet on the Clonakilty Estuary! Looking at Street View level you can see a small concrete Jetty just where the pointer marks the spot. *Warning* Google appears to marks this old 'http' site as dangerous - but I found it to be safe...


Question: Does anyone know what ACTUALLY happened to the station as it is marked as being 'destroyed' in June 1921? Records? Newspaper Articles?

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Stay Safe and Well and let's beat this Coronavirus together!

Many thanks

aka Fanflame

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War of Independence

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