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Rocket cart houses or sheds.
We have found your web site because Alex currently lives in a converted 'rocket house' in South Devon.
For the 9 years he has been there he has often wondered about its history and the use of rockets with the breeches bouy by coastguards of yesteryear.
Recently his interest has been spurred on by the discovery of identical rocket houses at Hartland and on Lundy Island.
As a result we are trying to find out more about the design and building of what have turned out to be rocket cart sheds.
If an expert in the field can point us to records of their development be ?the Board of Trade? in the mid 1800's we would be very pleased to hear more.

I'm no expert, but the following might be of interest.

The original proposal for a system to place a line on a ship in distress close in-shore came from Henry Trengrouse, who witnessed the drowning of sailors from HMS Anson that sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1807.

A rocket line was initially fired from a musket, which developed into a horse drawn cart capable of firing a larger rocket. This line was then used to connect a breeches-buoy used to affect the rescue.

Inishower Maritime Museum has one of only six such carts still in existence, and it might be worth contacting them for a photograph of the entire cart and perhaps a little more detail around your specific question.

For more info on Trengrouse use the link below, which also appears to have a photograph of a cart in action.


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