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John Harwood
I'd be grateful to find out career details of John Harwood (1810-93) in Ireland. He is in the UK censuses from 1851 till 1891 but curiously the birth places of him and his family vary from one census to the next. He must’ve served in Ireland as in the 1851 census children were born there: George (11) Kilmore [Quay] and Mary (10), John Joseph (8) and James (7) Donaghadee.
Wife Elizabeth (b. 1814) was from ‘Cove of Cork’ i.e. Cobh. In 1851 he was a com. boatman at West Hythe and spent his latter years in Yorkshire, listed as a Greenwich pensioner. I have no record of his baptism in England or Elizabeth's in Co. Cork nor of their marriage which might've been in Ireland.
Hi Della and welcome to the Forum.

I've traced John's service using the ADM 175 records and have established the following:

Joined the CG service from HMS wolf on 10 April 1839 with a first posting to Kilmore. On 17th Feb 1840 transferred to Donaghadee (175/18 pdf 377), on 27 September 1845 promoted to Commissioned Boatman and removed to Bangor.

On 25 June 1846 he was transferred to England with a posting to Jury's Gap (175/18 pdf 372) and on 15 October 1850 to Fort Moncref (175/7 pdf 165) interestingly the reason for the move was 'misconduct of the family' . On 28 July 1856 he was superannuated.

As an aside he was one of the CG who saw service during the Crimean War, serving as Bosun's Mate on HMS Blenheim, for which he received the Baltic Medal.

Based on his Merchant seaman's ticket he gave his place of birth as London circa 1810.

Hope this helps.

Amazing to receive all this information so quickly! Thank you very much Martin. I really appreciate your help.
Kind regards,
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