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I am trying to find records of my Great Grandfather "William Caddy" originally from Bridport Dorset, who I believe was a boatsman on his last tour of duty at 39 Coastguard Station, (Jack’s Hole) Wicklow in Ireland. (If that is correct).
It would be during the decade of 1870 -1880 (his wife was Mary) as my Grandmother "Marina Caddy" was born there in 1877 along with her elder sister "Mary Jane" b.1873 and brother "William James" b.1875.
Any help would be very much appreciated to enable me to fill in a few blanks on my family tree.
I'm afraid the only records I'm aware of are his service records, but I suspect you already have these, and as you will have found they contain no family information. However, if one of the early ships he served on was HMS Phoenix, this might be of interest: https://discovery.../C11539867

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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