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CG station at Tarbert on the Shannon
Jo Newman
I believe that HMS Valiant operated out of Tarbert. Can anyone verify this for me? My great-great grandfather served on Valiant from 1869-1874.

I'd also be interested in some pointers to information about the station at Tarbert. There's so much on the net that it would be useful to know a few good sites (if there are any!).

Many thanks

Hi again Jo

If you follow the link below this seems to confirm that Valiant was operating out of Tarbert:

Regards Martin
Jo Newman
Hello again!

Ive been to Paul's excellent site many times and always find something of relevance and/or interest.

I'm really interested in the actual station which the Valiant was attached to this time. I can find virtually nothing on the web and wondered if anybody had any good sources they coiuld pass on.


Jo Newman
I've just discovered that JMQ's daughter, Hannah Sarah, was born in Freeport, Barna (Grinwhich I believe is now a suburb of Galway City). Would this seem like a sensible place for someone stationed at Tarbert to be living?
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