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Richard Francis born Co Louth
Richard born c 1856, son of John Francis (both members of the Coastguards). Its possible that John was born in Kerry and it would be great if someone out there knows this family. Richard served in Kilrush, Co Clare, Kerry, possibly at Minard, Co Kerry. By 1901 they were in - he married Catherine Neill from Co Kerry on 15 Aug 1885. Her father James was also in the Coastguard service. The marriage took place in Kilrush, Co Clare and Mary Agnes, Sophia Louise and John James were born there. Two later children Christina and Josephine Gertrude were born when Richard was stationed in Co Kerry.
By 1901 they were in Co Wicklow (Summerhill) and in Monkstown, Co Cork by 1911. He died in 1919 in the district of Queenstown (Cobh) Co Cork.

I would like to know more about their descendents and about their connections to Co Kerry. Eibhlin
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I did a little digging through the CG records for John, using Richards birth place as a starting point, and traced John from his entry in to the CG service in 1842.

He first served at Killogh after being discharged from HMS Implacable (ADM 175/19 pdf 424). He then transferred to Mouth of Boyne on 12 Dec 1845 and then, on 30 Dec 1851 to Giles Quay previously called Cooley Point, following his promotion to Commissioned Boatman (175/19 pdf441).

I then shifted my search to what are called the Ships Books because in most cases these include details of a mans birth place and date. In ADM 175/41 pdf 110 I located him still at Giles Quay where he gave his place of birth as Dover, Kent in June 1814.

As a further piece of info. John was awarded the 1847 Naval General Service Medal with Syria clasp and the copper St Jean D'Acre Medal for his service on HMS Implacable.

Hope this of interest and help.
Many thanks. I am following a Jane G Francis and Josephine appears to be the only fit born Kerry at that time. Assuming I am correct, her US descendents refer back to Shanacoill, in West kerry. Its an amazing fit presuming it works out.
I have more to do.
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