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I'm looking for a Denis Warren who according to his sons marriage in 1888 he was a coastguard pensioner.
Denis died in Londonderry in 1891, born in 1822 - where ?
He married Mary Mitchell in 1848 in Glenties - Donegal. his father a Denis Warren.
According to the 1911 census - a child - Elen Warren was born in Co Wexford, circa 1854.
1858 stationed at Croaghross in Donegal - where there was a Coastguard Boat house and a Coastguard Water House ?
Mary Jane Warren born c 1860 in Co Donegal
William born c 1862 Co Donegal
Two children baptised in 1864 and 1867 at Iskaheen RC - then living Culmore, Londonderry.
Later children born 1870 and 1874 then in Bishop Street, Londonderry.
Can I find his enlistment papers anywhere, and his service record ? - the ADM files seem a complete mystery to me.
His wife - died in 1905 - might have been getting a pension from the coastguard ?
A general search has a Warren 'heartland' in Co Cork - where there is also a Denis Warren in 1853 in Ballintra West - but with no parish records I am unable to establish a connection.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and regards
Hi David, and welcome to the Forum.

I believe I have found your Dennis, and having used the ADM 175 records have now traced the majority of his career in the CG service.

He first entered the CG service on 15 January 1845, having previously served on HMS Queen, with a first posting to Teillen West. To find out more about his prior naval service you will need to consult Queen's Description Book at the National Archives, Kew.

On 13 December 1848 he was transferred to Kilmichel, and then on the 6 August 1856 to Knockallow. On the 2 April 1863 he was promoted to Commissioned Boatman, and removed to Culmore. His next move was to Tarbert on 16 December 1867. To find any subsequent moves I will require a little longer, because I don't have these records saved on my computer.

The good news is that the ADM 175/40 record (page 100 of 268) gives his place and date of birth as Queenstown on 16 August 1817, a little earlier than you perhaps thought.

The other piece of info I can give you is that during the Crimean War (1854-56) he served on both HMS Royal George (Ships No. 305) and HMS Boscawen (Ships No.78) with his Baltic Medal being sent to the Rathmullen CG District in 1857. The Ships description book confirms his birth place as Queenstown.

From the Naval General Service medal roll there was a Dennis Warren serving on HMS Powerful as an Ordinary Seaman, who applied for this medal with the 'Syria 1840' clasp. It is possible this is also your man, but Queen's description book would confirm this.



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Having now checked the later records I can confirm that Warren was pensioned from Tarbert CG Station on 15 October 1869. Interestingly he now gives his place of birth as Belgrove, Cork (ADM 175/53 page 205 of 423).

If you do manage to access HMS Queen's Description Book (ADM 38/8797) and find that he did serve on Powerful, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

Martin - very many thanks - the lastest birth place - Blegrove in Cork would be where I expected his birth - plenty of Warrens there - especially another Dennis Warren - who might possibly be his father.
Hi David

I’m pleased the research was of some help. I must admit that I rather concentrated on tracing Dennis Warren’s career, but having re-read your original post was prompted to revisit the ADM 175 record for Teillen West. From this I found that the Chief Boatman in Charge during the time Dennis was there was a Samuel Mitchell. Given that there were quite a few intermarriages between CG families, could this be Mary’s father?

Martin - Mary Jane Mitchell was born c 1833 ( 1901 census born in Londonderry aged 68 yrs - could be incorrect) - she died in 1905 in Londonderry aged 67 yrs - definately a few years out.
She married Dennis Warren in Glenties in 1848 - her father was Samuel Mitchell - so I would guess you are correct on your assumption that coastguard families married.
I know nothing of this Samuel Mitchell.
Ps I checked Belgrove Co Cork - a townland beside Queenstown ! - so the two statements of birth place for Dennis Warren are correct.

Once again many thanks Martin
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Hi again David

I’m not sure if you are trying to construct a full family tree, or are just following one line, so the following may, or may not, be of interest.

Using the CG records I traced Samuel Mitchell’s movements. The record I referred too (Teillen West) was his last station, since he was discharged on the 16 June 1844 with an annual pension of £46/-. Prior to this he was, according to the records, at Port Rushine with a move to Teillen West on 22 August 1844, and prior to that at Bray from 5 January 1822, following his promotion from Commissioned Boatman to Chief Boatman on 3 Jan 1822. However, the record for Bray suggests that he went straight to Teillen West.

He was transferred from Balbriggan to Bray on the 5 September 1821, and prior to that was stationed in England at Mersey Quarter, which is in the Colchester District. It was from here, on the 12 July 1821, that he was transferred to Ireland.

There now follows a break in the records, but it is clear that he was stationed at Mersey Quarter because the establishment for 1821 make reference to his post by name, and the man who replaced him. However, I think I have managed to pick him up in 1819 when he joined the Revenue Cruiser Rattlesnake as a Mariner. This particular record shows an authorisation for him to travel from Seaford in Sussex to Bradwell, Essex, which ties in nicely with the subsequent Mersey Quarter posting.

I’m guessing now, but I suspect that he was originally from Sussex, and Rattlesnake was his first posting.

I apologise if the above is a little confusing, but I thought it better to work, and show his moves, backwards.


Dave Mitchell
Some information, probably on the same Samuel Mitchell .....

Obituary notice in the Londonderry Standard of Thursday 4th February 1858

At his residence, Carrick Lodge, county Donegal, on Wednesday, the 13th ult., Mr Samuel Mitchell, formerly chief boatman, aged 77 years."

Kind regards

David Mitchell
Dave Mitchell
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