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Dog falls 60ft then bites rescuer in UK
Dog falls 60ft then bites rescuer in UK

A dog bit the hand of the UK coastguard who went down a cliff in a bid to rescue it.

Gary Coles had to have hospital for treatment to bites to his hands inflicted by the Jack Russell called Scrappy. The pet went over the cliff in Devon, earlier today. Exmouth Coastguard rescue team was called to the scene, where the lady owner was waiting on the clifftop. Coastguard Coles was lowered down the cliff to where Scrappy was stuck.

The pet apparently did not appreciate the efforts being made on his behalf, became aggressive and bit Mr Coles, on the hands. Exmouth-based security guard Mr Coles, 39, said the dog had fallen 60 feet, with another 50 feet of cliff below him.

“I tried to coax him towards me but he was not having any of it and decided to head up the cliff. He could not go anywhere, so I decided to work my way up to him."

“I put my hands forward to grab him and he decided to go for me,” said Mr Coles.

The would-be rescuer had a total of eight bite punctures to his hands, and lost “a bit off the thumb.” He was taken to hospital where his wounds were cleaned and he was given antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

“I have done a few dog rescues but this is the first time I have had this sort of result,” he said.

Scrappy stayed on the cliff for around another three hours before his owner - on holiday from Essex –and coastguards managed to entice him down to to safety. Yesterday a poodle called Freya was successfully rescued by the same coastguards from the Orcombe Point area where it had fallen 50 feet down a cliff.

Reported in the Evening Echo 15/08/2007
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