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We have just found the Coastguards of Yesteryear website when we went searching for our GGGrandfather Henry Harper who was married to Marianne and we believe he was the Chief Coastguard at Ballymacaw

On searching the website we confirmed Marianne Harper died 2/4/1849 and was the wife of Henry Harper, Chief Coastguard at Ballymacaw. Her status was given as "WG" an acronym we are unfamiliar with.

A further search of the links on the website we found from the 1851 Navy List that a Henry Harper was appointed to Kilmore on 26/7/1848 and he held the rank of Master.
Again a search of the 1867 Navy List recorded a Henry Harper as having been appointed to Castletown Co. Cork on 17/1/1855 with the rank of S.C. (another acronym we are unfamiliar with).

With the overlap of dates is it unlikely that these entries all relate to the one man?

We also discovered, from another source on the web, a Henry Harper esq. R.N. and he was a Coastguard at Tarbert in 1862.

Could it also be assumed that the Henry Harper who we believe is our GGGrandfather would probably have been born in England

Marianne and Henry are buried at St Andrews Dunmore East with their son James Harper who is our GGrandfather and we have been trying to find more information about him. Among other things he is believed to have some maritime connections in the South of Ireland.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated

Hi, and welcome to the Forum.

While I don't profess to have put together your mans entire career, I may have gone some way to answering some of your questions.

Harper joined the CG Service from Bideford, Devon on 15 August 1848, with the rank of Chief Officer, having previously served in the RN as a Master, his first posting being Ballymacaw CGS. From a search of the Officers Service Papers on the National Archives website (ADM 196) I found two possible candidates. However, one has the date 28 Nov 1843 against his name, I think this is your man, since this is the date he was appointed Master.

A little further research found that on 16 June 1841 he had been appointed Acting Master of HMS Fantome on the Brazils and Cape of Good Hope Station.

On 20 March 1850 he was transferred to Kilmore CGS, from where, on the 2 May 1854 he returned to service with the RN as Master on HMS Powerful. She was Captained by George Mansel and there is evidence from the 1854 Navy List that Harper may have moved with him to HMS St. Vincent as Acting Master. However, he is not on the Baltic Medal roll for this ship, but this is not to say that he did not serve on another ship during the Crimean War.

The next reference to Harper is his appointment as Chief officer to the Island of Kane/Tramore CG Station on 17 Jan 1855. From here he was transferred to Tarbert CGS on 28 November 1857, and from there to Bantry on 29 April 1863. Unfortunately I have been unable to find him again, but hopefully his service record will fill the gaps.


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We are very grateful for your detailed answer in such a short time. One other query we forgot to post is whether records show the year he was born and the year that he died.
Again many thanks for you assistance

If you download his service record from the NA, you should find it has a date of birth and a date of death, particularly if he was drawing a navy pension. However, it is unlikely to have an actual place of birth named. To establish this your best bet is to hope that he is listed in the crews Description Book for HMS Fantome (ADM 38/8093), this could provide a place of birth, and a list of the previous ships he had served on - unfortunately this can only be consulted at the NA, Kew.

The other route you could try, if this is unsuccessful, are the Masters Passing Certificates in ADM 6/135-168 & ADM 106/3518 - again, this can only be done at Kew.


PS: I need to make a correction to my previous post. On rechecking the Baltic Medal roll I did find Henry Harper serving on HMS St Vincent as Acting Master. This medal was sent to Waterford CG Station on 24 April 1857. This fits quite nicely, because the ship only served in the Baltic in 1854.
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Again Martin, our sincere thanks for your efforts. We will work through the actions which you have advised

KInd regards

I may be completely out here, but in the Index of BD&M I found the marriage of a Henry Harper to a Marianne Loggin, which is registered in Bideford, Devon in 1848 (April-June Qtr., Vol.10, page 115).

If this is your man it suggests that Marianne may have died in child-birth. Actually ordering the certificate would take you back another generation.

Hi Martin
This information has proved very helpful and it would seem that Marianne's marriage in 1848 was her second marriage and consequently prior to her death in 1849 she gave birth to our GGrandfather.
As a result of this information we believe that it is possible Henry may have also been married previously and fathered other children
Again many thanks for your assistance
Hi Davbar,

My great grandfather was James Harper - his grandson John Power (shown on on 1901 Census) was my grandfather - so i think we might be related!! On the 1901 Cencus John Power is shown living with James and Bridget Harper and their daughter Jane (your grandmother) - he is shown as their grandson - that would make jane his Aunt - am trying to find the name of John Powers mother and father - any info you have would be great. Also if you have the DOB of Henry Harper. Also I don't think Bridget Croker was James first wife so she may not be Janes mother.

Just for your information Henry Harper married Adelaide Marianne Nates (DOB 9 feb 1802 Malew Isle of Man) in 1848 in Bideford Devon, England he was her second husband -( her first husband was William Cole Loggin and they had 9 children) Marianne had a daughter with Henry - Jane in 1849 - Marianne died on 2nd April 1849 at Ballymacaw Coastguard station. Marianne's parents were Henry Nates (quite a famous gentleman - look him up) and Elizabeth Corlett.
Val Campbell
I signed up and am responding to a Google search for "William Cole Loggin," my 4th great-grandfather. Adelaide "Marianne" Loggin (nee Nantes) was my 4th great-grandmother.

There was an old pedigree done for the Loggin family which linked Adelaide to A. Harper, Admiral. A search on the freeBMD site showed Henry and Marianne's marriage in 1848 and gave me his first name. Other than that, I knew little about Henry.

The pedigree showed Marianne's death date as being 1848. Thanks to this forum, I now know that it is likely that she died in childbirth in 1848, and that she is buried as someone listed above. I also didn't know that she had any children with Henry!

I would love to connect to Dave and other family listed on here to share the information. How exciting! :-D

Replying to a very old post, so maybe this is redundant information!

I'm not a relative but I'm researching Ballymacaw Coastguard Station.

Henry Harper was the Chief Officer there from 1848-1850. His 1st wife Marianne Nantes Loggin Harper died in Ballymacaw 21 Apr 1849, and Henry remarried 5 Feb 1850 in Dunmore East. His wife was Julia Young, who lived in Dunmore, her father was Matthew Young, Commander, RN, who was in turn the son of The Right Reverend Matthew Young, Bishop of Clonfert.

Henry died 16 Jan 1870 at Heath Mount, Castletown, Co Cork, a Staff Commander RN, aged 56.
His wife Julia died 23 May 1877 at Toureen Terrace, Passage West, County Cork aged 63.

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