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Arthur Edward Hammond (2) Updated
I now have the service record of Arthur Edward Hammond from the National Archives (Catalogue reference: ADM 188/296).

His service number was 179179 and he enlisted aged 18 in 1895 at Devonport (he was actually 19 as the recorded date of birth was out by one year). After serving in the Royal Navy for 10 years, he was transferred to the Coastguard service. His first posting was to Dingle on 28 June 1905 with the rank of boatman. He served there until 12 September 1909. He was then posted to Ventry and served there from 18 September 1909 to 2 April 1911. His next posting was to Upper Cove, Kinsale Harbour from 3 April 1911 to 31 July 1914. On 31 July 1913 he was promoted to leading boatman. After the Ireland postings, he served in Wales (twice), Gloucestershire and Clovelly, North Devon.

Some personal details: he was 5'3 1/4" tall with brown hair, brown/grey eyes, a fresh complexion and a tattoo of the word 'true' on the back of his right arm.

So the story about witnessing the Lusitania going down was just that - a story. I have posted a photo of him and his wife to the Photo Gallery and it should appear in due course.

Update August 19 2007

I know have the full story on his postings. His RN career seemed to come to an end with a transfer to NF on May 1 1919. After much research, I know believe this to mean the New (coast guard) Force, which I understand was taken over by the Board of Trade from the Royal Navy - if not in its entirety then certain aspects of it.

He may have served in Wales but that was based on an entry for Pembroke 1. This, I understand, is an internal accounting reference and not place specific. The entry relating to Gloucestershire is probably a ship and not a place.

I found his transferred records at the National Archives. If anyone else is interested in finding similar information the index and subsequent records are on microfilm and catalogue references are: ADM 175/88 and ADM 175/83A. His Royal Navy service number was carried forward with him.

As for his postings, he actually served at Upper Cove from 3 April 1911 to 30 April 1919 (not 1914 as stated above). He was then posted to Appledore, North Devon, from 1 May 1919 until his discharge date 31 Mar 1923. The reason for his discharge was: 'reduction of coastguard'. Amongst the other comments on his record: reason for leaving Dingle was 'caretaker closed station' and reason for leaving Ventry was 'to fill vacancy'.
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