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Lawrence Frazer
Could anyone tell me about Lawrence Frazer born in Ireland c1811?
In 1841 he is living in Kirkleatham, Yorks, (next to the lighthouse!)coastguard, with wife Susana children John 10,Richard 8, Elizabeth 6,Isabella 4 and Susana 2 all born in Ireland so had been in England for less than 2 years.
He is at Staithes in 1851 aged 40, still a coastquard and in 1861 he is at Coatham, Yorks drawing a coastguards pension as he says he is 60! Bit of an age discrepancy! He died in 1900 and was still drawing a coastguards pension on the 1891 census.
Any more information would be most welcome.
Many thanks
Hi Lynda, and welcome to the Forum.

Using the records in ADM 175 I managed to track Frazer's entire CG career.

He was nominated to the CG service as a Boatman on the 3 August 1822 with his first posting being Sheephaven, Ireland, on 8 August 1822. I note from the Genuki site that there was some uncertainty around the year of his birth, but this would suggest that the 1804 date is more likely, unless he joined the CG service when only 11!!!. He was Nominated from Carlingford, so I would guess that he was born locally in this area.

Returning to his career, he made the following moves:

27 Nov 1822 to Port Terlin
30 Sept 1825 to Portane
10 Oct 1825 to Baldoyle
31 Aug 1829 to Portane
31 Oct 1832 to Hollywood
5 April 1834 to Port Muck
4 July 1840 to Coatham

On the 12 November 1847 he was promoted to a Commissioned Boatman and transferred to Staithes, and then on the 17 January 1852 transferred back to Coatham, where on the 30 September 1857 he was discharged to Pension.


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What can I say, Martin, but a huge thankyou. This was all done overnight as I posted my query late last night and had the reply before breakfast! What a service -----
Many, many thanks
Hi Lyndamargaret,
I Have recently joined this wonderful website ,to research a member of my family tree(Lawrence Frazer) Coastguard and lo and behold i find that your researching the same man, wow,what a coincidence,
it would be very interesting to know how your connected to Lawrence?
He is my gggggrandfather i am trying to find out more about the family roots in Ireland?
i have alot of information on my line of the Frazers if your interested?
Lookforward to hearing from you
Kind Regards.
I too are researching Lawrence Frazer but many years later, I know most of what his life entailed well his life on record. But I have got a big stump with finding his ancestors.
I understand this might be because of the Irish record fire of the early 1900’s and that finding ancestors might be nearing impossible but any info about his family and wife’s family is greatly reseaved.

Edward Lawrence Frazer B:1804 County Monaghan Ireland D: 1900 Coatham Redcar Yorkshire.

Sussanah McClanahan B: abt 1811 Ireland possibly County Monaghan D: 14 Feb 1902 Coatham Redcar Yorkshire.

Any and I mean any information is greatly reseaved, relise this is a hard task.

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