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Arthur Edward Hammond 1876-1936

Before I take on the complexities of the National Archives, I wondered whether anyone could confirm some information for me regarding my great great grandfather (named above).

He was born in Devonport and worked as a coastguard with postings in Wales, Ireland and North Devon. I believe he was based in Dingle with his wife Alice. He had two children born in Ireland: John Henry 07/04/1908 (Dingle) and Emily Alice 2/10/1909 (Ventry). Family memories say that he was in Ireland when the Lusitania went down in 1915 and we think he left Ireland round about 1917. I know that he was definitely back in the UK by 1919.

I am sorry I can not be exact about the dates of his posting and would be grateful for any information.


Update: I have also recently learned from family sources that he was living at Kinsale at some point in his postings.
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