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waterville building dates
jim hewison
where can i find dates for the building of coast guard stations at waterville. The OS 1829 Map shows shows the station mid village between road and sea . Later maps show the newer station adjacent to cable station. It is now the Garda station.
The new Coastguard station at Waterville is mentioned in an Office of Public Works OPW in a" List of Architectural drawings of buildings under the OPW". This list is on the National Archives, Dublin website.
A few of the buildings date from 1848 but the most part were built from the 1860's on. There are 169 stations mentioned and most of the selection of drawings refer to the building of new stations and additions to same.

OPW5HC/564. Waterville Coastguard station. Co.Kerry.
Dates; 1893-1913.
No. of drawings; 12.

The OPW in Dublin provided drawings of Admiralty specs, to a building contractor in the chosen area for a new building and it was not taken over until it met withAdmiralty satisgfaction.
Some years ago the drawings were available to be seen by the public but due to conservation needs there may now be limits to access of same.
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jim hewison
WATERVILLE C.G STATIONS . I'm really interested in the earlier C.G station site in mid-village.It consisted of two small semi -d cottages and a watch tower. The
cottages are still existing.One is a craft shop and the other a Co.Council store and shook.
The watch tower is gone of course but shown clearly on th 1829 map. I think they must be 1815 vintage.Is there British Admiralty site
I could try.Thank you for the early and helpful reply and interest..Jim Hewison.
Admiralty records are held at the National Archives at Kew in London. The small number of records held in Dublin relate to OPW Buildings and leases which seem to relate to a later period than the 1820's.
Albert walsh
Hi Jim,

Myself and Tom Horgan have a fair amount on Waterville Coast Guard from Whitwell Butler period of smuggling patrols directed from small stone house on Main Street and Waterville House to development of coast Guard.

The renovated new coast guard station opened last year has a permanent exhibit.


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