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James Ost Coastguard
Having tried to find this man for the past 20 years I'm hoping that someone might have come across his name during their own research. James Ost ( a Coastguard ) and wife Ellen had at least two children Baptised in Queenstown, Cork in the early 1820s. One of them was John Ost (1822 ) who also became a Coastguard, eventually settling on Achill Island and raising a large family there. John became Chief Boatman in Charge, and died in 1899, buried at Dugort.
There is little other evidence of the Ost family, and they are believed to have been born in Ireland.
ANY Ost info would be most gratefully received. Many thanks......Kilmeny
Welcome to the Forum
Church of Ireland Baptism Records:-
Ost, Audley of John and Elizabeth Brown. Baptized 23 July 1861. Born 28 June 1861. Father Coastguard at Bullsmouth station. Parish Achill. Co.Mayo.
Ost. Elizabeth Frances of John and Elizabeth Brown. Bapt. 3 September 1864. Born 22 July 1864.Coastguard at Colony. Achill. Co.Mayo.
Marriage: 8 September 1848. John Ost. 26 yrs. living at Achill Parish. Coastguard?. to Elizabeth Brown 16 yrs. Living at Achill Parish. Co.Mayo.
1901 Census. Cahirciveen, Co.Kerry. 2/27c/2.
William L.Ost. Chief Boatman 42. Born Eng. and wife Elizabeth Ost 45. Born Queenstown, Co.Cork and 4 children
1911 Census Roches Point. Co.Cork. 260/22.
William L.Ost 52. and Elizabeth Ost 55. Married 30 years. 4 children born. 3 living.
Full Census returns are on this site.
I hope the above may contain some fresh information for your search.

Hi Kilmeny

I have to say that I think you may be looking in the wrong place for John Ost's father. According to the Establishment Book in ADM 175/40 (page 21 of 268) John, who was then serving at Bullsmouth CG Station, Achill Island, was born in Ramsgate, Kent.

This appears to be confirmed by the service records held at the NA in both ADM 29 and ADM 188.


I've searched the earlier Establishment Books, and the only reference to a James Ost I can find, was a note that a man of this name was nominated from Cove Cork on 16 January 1822 to Guidor CG Station, but never joined (ADM 175/15 - page 253 of 380).


Thank you, Tony. Sadly I do already have most of this info. This is the easy bit !!

The William L Ost was Wm. Lewis Ost , who was another son of John and Eliz. Ost. However I thought that Wm. and his wife only had three children, so this will be news for their descendants.

I will list the children of John and Eliz. Ost ( nee Browne )
1) Ellen Mary Ann Ost 1849
2) John Browne Ost 1851
3) James George Ost 1856 ( Stokesbay, Eng.)
4) William Lewis Ost 1859 ( Stokesbay , Eng.)
5) Audley Alfred Ost 1861
6) Elizabeth Frances Ost 1864
7) Kathleen Jane Ost 1867
8) Prudence Alic Ost 1869
9) Lilian Mary Ost 1871
10) Lilian Sarah Ost 1872

From John and Eliz. Ost forwards I am fairly OK., and I do know that John was born in Cork in 1822, to James and Ellen Ost.
It is from there backwardsthat isthe problem !
Many thanks for your help.....Kilmeny
Hello Crimea,

For years I have received info. which confuses 'my' John Ost ( born Ireland ) with another of same name born in Ramsgate. All I am sure of, from family info. is that the fam. were Irish, and that John and Eliz. Ost raised their large family mainly on Achill Island, close to, or within, The Colony at Dugort.
The service records of the two Jn. Osts may have become muddled for some reason.......I am going to have to try and sort it out ( AGAIN !) for once and for all !

Thanks so much for your help.....Kilmeny

I'm sorry, but unless John Ost consistently lied about his place of birth, I am convinced we are talking of the same man. I also find it hard to believe that in Ireland he was able to pursuade the Irish that he was an Englishman!!

The reason for me feeling so confident, is the Establishment Books show he joined the CG Service from the Revenue Cruiser Wellington on 26 December 1853 at Stokes Bay, Hampshire, where he was to remain until 5 November 1859, when he was transferred to Keel in Ireland. This ties in with the birth of two of his children.

On the 18 April 1861 he was again transferred this time to Bullsmouth, Achill.

However, I do accept that the marriage record of John Ost to Elizabeth Browne in 1848 does leave some rather big questions unanswered, particulary since the RC Wellington was based at Stranraer at this time. Do you know where Ellen Mary and John Browne Ost were born?

A real puzzle?

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Hello Martin,

It was in the Description Book of HMS Caesar that John Ost claimed to have been born in QUEENSTOWN, Cork , and that he had previously served on HMS Excellent and HMS Frolic. On other doc.s he gave his place of birth as Wexford and as Ramsgate.

I must admit that having found a Bap. for him in Cork, I have accepted that he MUST have been born there too, as it fits in with all the other fam. history info.
I have been unable to find the birthplace of Ellen Mary Ann Ost and John Browne Ost, but do have their dob.s.

I still can't think why this James , and son John Ost , have eluded me for so long !
Thanks for the latest info.......Kilmeny
Hi Kilmeny

Your last post about John Ost having served on HMS Caesar, prompted me to check the Baltic Medal roll. This confirmed he was one of those CG men called up for service during the Crimean War. The roll also confirmes that his medal was delivered to Gosport - the CG District that includes Stokes Bay - on 18 April 1857, which all ties in nicely.

My own research into the CG Men who served during the Crimean War confirms that he did give Queenstown as his place of birth.

Out of interest, have you also checked HMS Frolic's description book, to see where he claimed to have been born when he entered her?

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Now you may think I'm seeing conections where none exist, but have a look at the Forum topic 'Brown'.

You have an Elizabeth Browne born to a CG, who in the mid 1800's served on Achill, and who according to the Establishment Book died on 24 February 1848.

Elizabeth was 16 when she married John Ost, the age of John Browne's daughter.

Now look at the names of John Browne's other children Lewis & Prudence, names both used by Ost for his own children. So let me just surmise that with the death of her father there was no bread-winner and marriage looked like a good option!


You made me smile ! (The words' Granny' and 'suck eggs' spring to mind ! the nicest poss. way !), and I do have to confess that I have the Brown(e) s and Osts well sorted and documented, from approx 1822 onwards , and the Brownes backwards are coming along fairly nicely with the recent help from Margaret Graham, and Tony. The name AUDLEY has been a really brilliant clue in this family, and we originally understood it to be an Ost whim, but that is NOT so. It comes from the Brown(e) side, way back., yet still continues to this day within Ost family.

As for OSTs. Griffiths has James, John and an Isaac Ost all living in different houses in Wicklow in 1854. Perhaps this was where John Osts first two children were born ??? Also, family chatter has it that James Ost was Harbour Master at can I check that online, please ?

As for HMS FRolic's Descrip. Bk.- no, I haven't been able to check this. My very early info re: John Ost was gathered in the 1990s via a London researcher, and I had to give up when running out of cash to pay him ! Can I see that book online?
Thank you SO MUCH for telling me that John O received the Crimea Medal etc. I have a lovely, un-named photo, which I suspect is of him in CG uniform, wearing two medals. I did try to post it on this site but it kept being rejected. I will try again.
Thank you again for keeping me on right track !......Kilmeny
Oops, well I was right Granny Grin

Unfortunately you cannot view Frolic's Description Book online, but if you know his Ship's No. you could get a quote from the NA for a print-out of the appropriate page(s), this takes about 2-3 weeks, and can be done online.

Re the medals, I would guess one is the Baltic and the other the RN Long Service Good Conduct Medal.

Thanks for that info. I have a contact who might be able to look that up at TNA in near future.
Have you got a source of info re: Baps of CG children in Wexford, by any chance , please? the hope of finding Ellen Mary Ann and John Browne Ost, in 1849 and 1851
I just want to add how good it was to see the Keel CG Station renovated as an old folk's home now. In 1996 I went ancestor hunting on Achill Is. and photgraphed Keel Station looking grim, grey, dank and utterly beyond hope for a useful future. So I was amazed to see it sparkling white and whole again, in your Photo section. I wouldn't mind retiring there, now !
One more thing.....I am also looking for any mention of a William Ost born around 1820s, possibly a brother of John, as I have another whole chunk of an Ost family, as yet unconnected, which may eventually link up with ours. Lots to ask, and I'll willingly add all that info for others to use too.
Many thanks,
Hello Kilmeny

I'm afraid I cannot help with Irish BDM's, this is something I would look to Tony to be able to help with.

On the question of Ost's in Griffiths Valuation, I think this must be another family, because we know John was in Stokes Bay from 53 to 59, together with the fact that most CG men were called up for service during the Crimean War from early 54 to late 55.

If you do have someone who is prepared to look-up information at the NA, it might be worth them also looking at the muster book for the Revenue Cruiser Wellington, in the ADM 119 series, which could provide some additional information, and might throw some light on where he was when Ellen and John Browne Ost were born.

If I do come across a William I'll let you know.



Thank you, Martin,

As there was a James Ost in Wicklow according to Griffiths, and as John and Eliz. Brown(e) had just had two young children, I was wondering whether Eliz. might have stayed in Wicklow while husband John was at sea, and living near to her husband's parents, for family support. Perhaps she just joined him in Gosport AFTER he returned from action in Crimea ??
With Griffiths, did the named person actually have to be present in the house, or was it just that the house was rented in his name, whether he was present at the time, or not ??
What do you think of this theory ?? I'm continuing to grasp at ANY Ost straws, as there are so few clues.

I do wish there was some other soul, out there , pursuing this family .......we definitely need some more early OST input. Where are you all ?

Thanks again Martin.....your help is invaluable......Kilmeny
Margaret Graham
Was delighted to read all the info on the Oast's, I recently found this branch of the Brown Family. Audley, Lewis etc are all Brown names dating back to 1719, and maybe earlier. There is a William Brown who I think was a coastgurad also, son of John Brown, he died in Achill. Is there any info on him, I wonder. He was born in Easkey in Co Sligo in 1826. Frown
Margaret.....You are already in regular contact with me by email !! Fear not, I will always keep you posted with any new and relevant info !....Kilmeny
To whoever posted the photo of Michael Hazell, Chief Officer, I've just spotted something interesting ! Comparing that pic. with my one of John Ost , it looks very much as though they were both taken in the SAME studio ! It's hard to compare them as mine isn't very high def., but looking at the actual photo ' in the flesh' I can see same steps up to the right , the rock and the shrubbery on LHS.
I wonder if these two men ever served together ?.....Kilmeny
I have just received info from a distant contact in Cork, that my James Ost was buried in St Mary's , Cove, Churchyard on 6.11.1829, which would explain why he never took up his posting at Guidor CG Station.

If anyone reading this can offer any further info. regarding his age at death etc. I would be VERY grateful to receive it.
Slowly we are beginning to fix this elusive man in time !....Kilmeny
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