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Charles Beatty History
Brian Murray
Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can help with information about my great grandfather, Charles Beatty who was in the Coast Guard Service in mid-C19th. From looking at this web site he was stationed at Portrush, Co Antrim in 1854 and again (promoted?) from 1866/67.

I would be grateful for any advice as to where I might find further information about his C/G service, as well as his life generally and then particularly the date and place of his death.

Thanks in anticipation,

Brian Murray
Welcome to the Forum Brian.

In answer to your questions I can provide most of the details of his Coastguard service, but because he enters the Establishment Books promoted from a Mariner on a Revenue Cruiser I’m afraid the only way to determine his early service is from the Muster Books in the ADM 119 series at the National Archives.

Anyway, he first appears on the 19 Jan 1836 when he is promoted from a Mariner on the RC Hornet to serve as Steward on the RC Royal George (ADM 175/24 pdf 121). On the 19 Aug 1844 he was transferred to the RC Royal Albert and then on the 19 May 1848 promoted to 2nd Mate on the RC Royal George (ADM 175/24 pdf 44). He was subsequently made redundant from the Royal George and transferred to the RC Cameleon before, on the 12 August 1851, being moved to the RC Wellington (ADM 175/24 pdf 28). This was to be his last posting on RC’s, since he was transferred as Acting Chief Officer on the Civilian List to serve at the land-based CG Station at Claggen on 9 September 1854 (ADM 175/24 pdf 175 & ADM 175/19 pdf 226). The Establishment Book is silent as to his next move, but I did find him in ADM 175/20 pdf 308 at Port Rush. From this it was possible to see that he was moved from Claggen on 31 October 1865 as Chief Officer, from where he was Superannuated on 30 September 1867.

I mentioned earlier that he was on the Civilian List, this is significant because the Ships Establishment Books that overlap with the earlier Establishment Books in the 1860’s provides a date and place of birth for men on the Fleet Lists, but unfortunately not the Civilian Lists; further Charles is not even recorded with an age against his name unlike other men on these lists!

I no-longer have a subscription to Find my Past, but it could be worth checking to see if he was issued with a Merchant Seamans Ticket, many CGs’ were, this could provide you with a place of birth, age and physical description.

Brian Murray
Hello Martin,

Many thanks for your prompt reply which is both very helpful and encouraging. The record of Charles' Coastguard service is a rare example of good news in around 180 years of my Irish family history.

I will, as you suggest, search the National Archives and, as a subscriber to Find my Past, I'll continue to use their services too.

Aagin, my thanks and with best wishes,

Hi Brian,

I'm glad the information was of interest.

I should have said that he appears in the Establishment Books as both Beattie & Beatty, so if you do check FMP try both spellings.

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