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can anyone make sense of this please
hi, does anyone know what the highlighted writing mean please?
neil16377 attached the following image:

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It's a reference for a letter in Admiralty correspondence. There are a significant number of files held at the National Archives of these 'in' and 'out letters', although many have been 'weeded' and they are notoriously difficult to search.

do you think im wasting my time in Trying to find out more about this man?.
i feel like im at a wall?

That really is up to you. As with my own family history research, I reached a point of diminishing returns, i.e. the amount of effort necessary was not worth the level of information gained; I then gave up! However, so much information is now being made available on the internet, leave it a couple of years and then come back to it - who knows then.

First name(s) John
Last name Evans
Year 1843
Place Malta
Graveyard 0
County -
Record set Tipperary Clans Archive
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Deaths & burials
Collections from Ireland
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