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Ireland's Custom and Excise
Would there be a record of
Ireland's Custom and Excise men
In 1900.
From Cobh
Any information please
If you check the 1901 census putting in relevant words such as revenue, custom, excise, R.N., Navy, Pension, etc without putting anything into the other boxes you should be able to pull some. You will also likely find that siblings are in coastguard, R.N. or merchant service. You will also likely find that they marry amongst their own. You should also do a search for the names/surnames you have on the civil records section of
this will show occupations of fathers and husbands
you can also check out the Uk national archives site

My relative John Connolly/Connelly, in Fairhill, Galway was retired from Customs & Excise in Liverpool at this time.
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