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Limerick Coastguard stations

I am transcribing my grandfather's Naval Record and find that on 26 Ferb 1901 he was sent from Newhaven No2 Battery to Limerick I can't read the next place but the one following that is Ballinagall. The missing word looks a little like Smerwick. Can you enlighten me about these two stations and was Limerick a station or just the title of the region.

His name was Michal Francis O'Driscoll born 1865 in St Finbar, Cork City.
IN 1894 he leaves Vivid I and there is a comment "C.S. Expired" does this relate to Coastguard information?

I will be glad of any help you can give me.
The following may help you with the stations name : http://www.coastg...icle_id=97

As to the initials, C.S. is short hand for Continuous Service, so 'C.S. Expired' indicates that your mans period of service was at an end. I would have to see the actual record to comment further.

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