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Ranks and abbreviations
Hello, I'm trying to transcribe my ggfathers service record from the 1870's and I am finding some of the abbreviations difficult to understand. Any help would be great.

These are all in the rating column:

L&g seaman

2. Cap.Man.Top







Alice welcome to the Forum.

I think I can help with most, but not all:

L&G seaman - Leading seaman, the rate above able seaman.

2 Cap Man Top - 2nd Captain of the Main-top, a rate equivalent to a modern junior Petty Officer. This man would be one of the ships elite seaman working high up in the rigging and directing other 'topmen' under the Captain of the Main-top on the main mast.

SGI Ce - Seaman Gunner 1st Class, a rate awarded to men who acted as gun captains directing the firing of a single cannon.

AB - Able Seaman

Cap Fre Top - I'm guessing this is Captain of the Fore-top, a similar position to Captain of Main-top but this time controlling the men in the Foremast.

SOIC - ?

POIC - Principle Officer 1st Class when used to describe a Coastguard rate, and Petty Officer 1st Class as a Navy rate, but equivalent.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for this - have only just got back to my research after winter flu
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