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Making the most of a trip to Kew!
Hi there
8 years since my last 'thread' but we are at last planning a trip to Kew in the next 2 weeks and, of course, I want to make the most of my time there!
My ancester John White was in Ardglass from December 1839 until his death in June 1840 so a relatively short time to research. He was 'removed' from Ardglass on 20 June 1840 and 7 days later discharged dead. Why was he removed? Would he have been ill or have suffered an accident? In 1851 his wife, Jane Maria, is an annuitant in Liverpool aged only 32, with children Jane Susannah, born on the Isle of Wight in 1835 and Sarah born in Ardglass in 1839. A son, Charles, born in 1837 on the Isle of Wight is not mentioned but he may have died.
It is John's time in Ireland that I need to research so what do I look at first? If Jane could claim a pension is there something I can research there?
I am so looking forward to this trip but anxious to make the most of my limited time there!
Nice to be back!
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