Wreck of the Erne 1836

Wreck of the Erne 1836.

At eleven o’clock on Wednesday night, the sloop ‘Erne’ of Wicklow , bound for Liverpool with corn, was driven upon the beach near Bray, opposite Mr. Quin’s ground. Owing to the exertions of Lieutenant Debine, (Dabine) of the Coast Guard, and his men, aided by the fishermen, she was prevented becoming a wreck, which she inevitably would have been but for their timely assistance. The wind blew strongly from the north-east, and the tide swelled to an unprecedented height, such as was not known to the oldest sailor on that coast. The crew, four men and a boy, had battened themselves down, being unable to bear the force of the sea upon deck, and anxiously hoping that the vessel would not go to pieces on the strand, where they calculated she would be driven. When the warning of a wreck was given, Mr. Debine was at Quin’s hotel, where he had dined, and upon receiving the intelligence he flew to the rescue with a zeal and energy which would reflect the highest credit upon the youngest officer in his Majesty’s service.

Arriving at the vessel he dashed through the surges and succeeded in boarding her. Supposing the crew to have fled and left her to her fate, he sent messengers in all directions in search of them, and fired several shots by way of signal, ere he was responded to. At length the mate thrust his head through the aperture of the cabin and relieved the fears of the Lieutenant and his humane assistants, by telling them that all were safe. The mate had several of his ribs broken, but the others of the crew fortunately escaped unhurt; he was lodged in an adjoining cottage, where he has received every attention necessary for his recovery, which is confidently expected. We are informed by an eye witness that the highest praise is due to Lieutenant Debine, whose humanity is proverbial, and whose bravery, as an Naval officer, is well known to the heads of the department.

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