Appointments and Promotions.



The following appointments and removals have taken place in this force in Ireland.

Appointments.- Captains-Josiah Oake, R.N. to Ballycastle, vice Dunn; Edwin Richards, R.N. to dunfanaghy, vice Edwin, to be Inspecting commanders.

Lieutenants – Joseph Taylor, R.N. to the command of the Wickham, R.C. vice Croker; Walker Taylor, R.N. to the station at Castletownsend ; Thomas A. Butler, R.N. to the station at Innislacken, to be Chief Officers.

Removals.- Captains- (Inspecting Commanders)- N I C Dunn, R.N. from Ballycastle to Donaghadee, vice Smith, whose period of service has expired ; Felix Edwin, R.N. from Dunfanaghy to Killybegs ; Alexander Shairpe, R.N. from Killybegs to Penzance.

Lieutenants- (Chief Officers)- N B Alexander, R.N. from Skerries to Rush ; James Lawrence, R.N. from Rush to Lambay Island ; James Senior, R.N. from Whitehorse to Skerries ; Francis Collins, R.N. from Portmuck to Whitehorse ; C W Payter, R.N. from Pelter Brig to Port Rush ; Robert Hunter, R.N. Innislackin to Portmuck ; Thomas Hungerford, R.N. from Belfast to Mollisle ; Henry Crocker, R.N. from the Wickham R C, to Belfast ; E L Morris, R.N. from Ryde to Seafield, county clare ; J Maude, Esq, from Seafield to Ballyvaughan.

Captain Deans, Inspecting Commander at Milford, visited the out stations of Coast Guard last week.

Ref: Freemans Journal 5 August 1836.

The Coastguards. 1836


Lieut. R.C.Jeffries R.N. has been appointed Chief Officer at the Isle of Whithorn. Lt.J.D.Woodriff R.N. has been appointed Chief Officer at St.Albans Head.

Removals: Lt.James Gilbert R.N. from north to south station Dublin. Vice Foster, appointed to His Majesty’s ship ‘Stag’ ; Lt.Thomas Woods R.N. from Larne, Belfast, to Dublin north station in place of Pullocheney, county of Sligo ; Lt.Robert Parry R.N. from Woodbridge Haven to Babbicombe, has been cancelled.

Ref: Freemans Journal 30 December 1836.


Lt. Thomas Cartwright from the Irish Coast Guard to be Chief Officer at Lidd, Romney.

Ref: The Times London 17 November 1840


Commander George Bissett from Dundalk Coast Guard to

Fowey Coast Guard.

Lt.Henry A.Finucane to be Chief Officer.

Mr.W.C.Forsyth, Chief Officer of Selsey station to Kingston, near Littlehampton, vice Lt. Perry, removed to South Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

Ref: The Times London 15 February 1841.

Appointments. 1841.

Commander C.Parker, R.N. from Sligo is appointed Inspecting Commander of the coast Guard to the Waterford District, in the room of Commander the Hon. G.Hastings, who was appointed to Command H.M. Ship Harlequin.

Lieutenant J.Clerk, to the Coast Guard at Romney.

Ref: The Times, London. 20 September 1841.


Commanders James Cooper Bennett and George Clark Mends, to be Inspecting Commanders of the Coast Guard, vice Commander Frederick Patten, resigned, and Lt. Evansop, relieved.

Commander Douglas Curry to the Newcastle Station vice Commander Edwin, removed to Cove district.

Lt. Charles R. Johnson, to Lyme Cobb.

Lt. H. Croker to Carrickfergus.

Lt. Edward George Elliott, from the ‘Royal George’ revenue cruiser, to Oysterhaven, vice Lt. Charlesson, who has exchanged to the ‘Royal George’

Lt. W .Butler is appointed to the Coast Guard, but station not yet named.

Ref: The Times, London 6 March 1843.


Lt. W. Dawson from Crosshaven to Keel Station, Westport, to be Inspecting Chief Officer of that district.

Mr. J. Peake from Castletown station to Crosshaven, vice Dawson.

Lt. G. Morris to command the ‘Skylark’

Ref: The Times, London 29 May 1843.


Lt.Edgar Slade from Cairnrean station to the station at Auchmithie.

Lt.William Butler from Crookhaven to Sutton.

Lt.Spencer Stirling from Whitenose station to H.M.Steamer Cyclops.


Lt. Peter Rainier to Fairlight station.

Lt. Francis Higginson from Stangate Creek to Rochester New Station.

Lt. George Gahan from Laysdown station to Gollingham New Station.

Lt. Charles Gale from Cocklesbill Hard to Leysdown station , vice Gahan.

Lt. C.Wilson Ross from Whitehorse to Crookhaven station.

Lt. J. Davies From Castle Gregory to Whitehorse station.

Lt. F. Hire from Cornhill to Westbrook station.

Lt. E. Slade from Cairaryan station to H.M. Ship Larne.

Lt. Butler from Crookhaven to Sutton station.

Ref: The Times, London 11 December 1843.

Coast Guard Appointments.

Lt. B. Baskerville, to Kessingland station, vice Riches, removed.

Lt. J. Barrett, from Richmond vessel to Newquay, Cardigan, vice Morley, resigned.

Lt. C. Servante, from Dunny Cove to Carlingford, as Inspecting Lt.

F.Carey, from Clogher-head station to Strangford district as Inspector.

Ref: The Times, London 11 November 1844.


Lt.W.Coles (1838) to command a station.
Mr.T.B.Glover removed from Sutton to Saltfleet station, vice Brounker, R,N, to Staites.

Ref: The Times London 30 December 1844.


Lieutenant C.H.Kempthorne, removed from Barry's Cove station to Old Head, vice Townshend
Lieutenant R.C.O'Brien, removed from Howstrand to Clogher-head station, vice Carey

Ref: The Times, London 6 January 1845.


Lt.J.Brooman to Torquay station, vice Moore, appointed to the Rolla brig.
Lt.W.Boys, from No.2 Battery to Kingstown, vice Loveless, to Pegwell Bay, vice Trappo, deceased.
Lt.R.Goodridge fom Hope Cove to Sidmouth, vice Edward, to Cawsand bay, vice Foot, superannuated.
Lt.Coleman, from Lassiemouth to Frazerburgh, N.B., vice Glover, removed.

Ref: The Times London 10 February 1845.


P.J.Freyre from North Isle of Arran, to Cleggan station, vice Lieutenant M'Nevin to Barna
Ref: The Times, London 31 March 1845.

Appointments 1845

Commander O.Oates, to be inspector of the Gosport district, vice Ramsay, period of service expired.
Commamder J.T.Talbot, to be inspector of the Whitby district, vice Robinson, term expired.
Lieutenant Elwin, to command Southampton-water station, vice Liddon, removed.
Commamder J.S.W.Grandy, to the Active cruizer, Portsmouth harbour station, vice Elwin
Lieutenant C.Goldsmith, late of the Shamrock cutter (paid off) to a station
Lieutenant W.Hole, from Belfast to the Weston-superMare, vice Glinn, resigned
Lieutenant R.G.Jeffrey, from St.Andrews to North Queens-ferry station
Lieutenant J.Allen, R.N., from Challabrough to Portsmouth-harbour station, vice Grandy
Lieutenant H.Collins, from Blythe-harbour to Jarrowquay station
Lieutenant W.H.Goslin, from Roundstone to North Isle of Arran, vice Freyre, removed

Ref: The Times, London 7 April 1845.


Commander Jihn Elliott Bingham (1840) from the Clyde to the Hastings district, vice Mottley (1843) whose period of service has been completed.
Henry St.John Georges (1845) to the Harwich district, vice Alfred N.Fairman (1846) to the Clyde district.
Alexander little (1846) to be Inspecting Commander of the Lyme district, vice Thomas Carpenter (1841) resigned owing to ill health.
Lt.George Bouchier Dewes (18410 to the command of the station at St.Lawrence, vice Jihn H.Crang (1840), appointed to the Geyser steam sloop at Woolwich.

Ref: The Times London 22 October 1850.

Promotions in the Coast Guard 1852.

Commander William B.Oliver (1841), Inspecting Commander at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, to the rank of Captain
Lieutenant William J. Scudamore (1812), Serving in the Coast Guard since January 1822, and at present at the Islands of Kane station, to the rank of commander.
Lieutenant Chestneys Simmonds (1819), serving in the Coast Guard since December 1828, and at present at Ramsgate, to the rank of commander.
Lieutenant Thomas Brewer (1827), serving in the Stag revenue vessel, to the rank of commander.

Ref: The Times, London 8 January 1852.

The Cork Examiner, 4 June 1864


DINGLE, JUNE 2ND. Owing to an Admiralty order issued lately to all Coast Guard Stations, that any chief boatman in charge of a station, whose age exceeded 60 years, should be superannuated on a pension, according to their terms of service, three vacancies took place yesterday in the district of Dingle, namely—Messrs. John Bunney, from Ferriter's Cove ; John Kingcomb, from Ballydavid ; and Richard Sinnott, from the Brandon Coast Guard Station—all chief boatmen in charge, proper and trustworthy men, and respected in the service. Mr. James Baker, commissioned boatman, is under orders for removal on promotion to a chief boatmanship from Ventry to Valencia ; and with the last fortnight Mr. Robert Howe was removed, also on promotion, to a chief boatmanship, from Dingle to French Point, Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare. A man from Wexford is appointed to fill up the vacancy at the Minard Station in the district of Dingle. All the above vacancies will be filled up through Captain Edmund Heathcote, R.N., commanding H.M.S. Hawke.—Dingle Correspondent.

THE COAST GUARD—DINGLE DIVISION.—Many exchanges, promotions, and superannuations have lately taken place in the Coastguard service in the Dingle division of the district of Queenstown, viz. :—Mr. Michael Griffin, chief boatman, to be chief boatman in charge, and transferred from Ballymacaw, county Waterford, to the Castlegregory coastguard station in the Dingle division, in place of Mr. Robert Farquahar, superannuated ; Mr. Daniee [sic] Morrison, chief boatman, to be chief boatman in charge and transferred from Ballyhigue (North Kerry) to the Brandon station, in place of Mr. James Goggin, superannuated ; Mr. Hamilton Kennedy, chief boatman, to be chief boatman in charge, and transferred from Lettermore, county Galway, to the Ballydavid station ; Mr. Edward Tutt, chief boatman in charge, and transferred from Ballydavid, at his own request, to the Minard station, in place of Mr. William Ford, superannuated ; Mr. John Foley, commissioned boatman, late of the Ventry station, and Mr. Daniel Gilchrist, late of the Dingle station, both superannuated on a pension for life.—Dingle Correspondent.

Ref: Cork Examiner 30 October 1865

The Coastguard :- Mr.William Daish R.N. Commanding her Majesty’s screw steamer ‘Imogene’ at Foynes, and formerly commanding the Preventive Cutter ‘Fanny’, ‘Racer’ and ‘Wellington’ at Kingstown, has just been promoted Inspecting Officer of the Tralee Coastguard Division. We congratulate Mr.Daish on his promotion. Mr. Leggett of the cutter ‘King George’ assumes command of the ‘Imogene’, and Mr.Hughes, of the Imogene the command of the King George.

Ref: Freemans journal 15 January 186

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