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Navy Statue Dalkey

Dalkey Navy StatueQ. Is this statue erected on Beacon Hill near the Dalkey Coastguard station a monument by a local resident to a long Naval career across the Seven Seas of the World?

A. Not really, a local resident living on Beacon Hill manufactured various 6ft. statues for commercial use at the end of the 19thCentury and just fancied this remarkable one to adorn the grounds of his own house.

Called Monalto bounded by avenue or road Nerano. Five cottages containing each 5 rooms. Houses erected by the Crown in 1863. Sold to Dalkey Urban District for £600 in 1911.

"The harbour was extremely favourable to the commerce of the town, vessels could lie in safety under the shelter of the neighbouring island, by which they were protected from the North East winds, and from the depth of water they could sail at any hour. There is a Coastguard Station the limit of which extends from Dalkey harbour to Irishtown."


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