Henry R. Smith

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#1 | hrsmith on 09/04/2011 03:28:10
Henry Richard Smith born July 1853, died July 1935.

He is one of my two maternal great grandfathers. The other, Frederick James Hill, was a Sergeant Major in the Royal Marine Artillery based in Portsmouth.

Sydney Ernest Smith was the youngest child and was my grandfather (my mother's father).
The family were certainly back in England by the time of the 1911 census, living in Hampshire.

There's always been talk about Henry having served at the Baltimore station but I've yet to any documentary evidence for that. However my mother always maintains that her father was born in Baltimore.
#2 | hrsmith on 09/04/2011 07:18:02
Further update.

English 1911 census shows Henry R Smith's occupation as being Chief Coastguard Officer (Retired)

So presumably not too shabby to go from Station Officer in 1901 to Chief Officer (Retired) in 10 years.

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