William McNamara

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Census 1911McNamaraWilliam

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Record ID1371 posted by Tony
Date of posting: 13/04/2009



#1 | pauline mcnamara on 06/11/2014 21:55:17
I think William McNamara is my great great grandfather.
I have birth certs of some of his children which state that they were born in Ringabella and that my great great grandfather William McNamara was a coastguard.
Might there be more information about him in Kew?
How would I go about finding a record for him in Kew and what information would I need to have to help me find his record?
I notice there is a James McNamara in Oysterhaven - I wonder if they are related. I know that William's first son was called James.
#2 | pauline mcnamara on 10/02/2015 20:43:17
I now think (but am not certain) this William McNamara: [record ID1371] from the Census 1911 category, might be the son of my great great grandfather who also was a William McNamara, and also a coastguard (according to his children's birth certificates).
[record ID1371] William McNamara from the Census 1911 - I do not know this person's age but his wife is 39, and my great granduncle was born on 24 June 1867 in Ringabella, Ballyfeard in Cork. He would have been about 44 in 1911. I have downloaded a document from the National Archives in Kew for a coastguard named William McNamara born 24 November 1867 from Tracton in Cork - same person?

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